Hey folks! I have been in the automotive service industry for about 17 years, both as a tech and most recently as a service writer. I was a writer for about ten years. I enjoyed what I did, and was rather successful at what I did. After a while, I got "worn out" because I realized that at the service desk, I was in the hot seat all day long. After a lifestyle change last year, I felt I was ready for a career change. I second guessed myself, feeling that a career change at 36 years old was a risky decision. Cars were all I knew, and I really didn't want to start all over again. I had considered selling real estate, but was doubtful because of the economy and the wide variety of competition. Then it dawned on me, I should try my hand at selling cars since I had a vast knowledge of most makes and models from my service history. So I gave it a shot. I began training this week at a dealership that I am very comfortable with. The employees are phenominally friendly, and the dealerships philosophy follows my own beliefs. I am a very friendly guy, and have no trouble communicating with potential clients. So far from what I have picked up in training, nothing seems to complicated so far, and I feel comfortable learning what they are teaching me. So my question is, to all the long term salespeople, what do you find most challenging in what you do, and what do you love most about it? What can I expect out of my new career and what "tricks of the trade" are most crucial? Thanks everyone and best wishes! 

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