I don't know, maybe it's just me...there is definitely not enough floor traffic on our sales floor and I am getting discouraged. I am new to auto sales, so i don't have a customer base for referrals and repeats yet. During my twelve hour day, I only had two "ups". There are too many sale consultants on the floor from day to day compared to the floor traffic. I honestly can't see being very successful in these conditions. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy my newfound career, but I have to put food on the table and pay bills just like everyone else. And seriously, I am struggling. Maybe I need someone to give me a pep talk or something, before I go nuts! I am beginning to wonder if I should make a move to a manufacturer that is more in demand, and may have more traffic. Someone HELP!

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Comment by David Bucey on March 9, 2011 at 10:01pm
Tom, I can honestly say that was exactly what I needed. I had a good talk tonight with my mom, of all people. My mother is a saint in my book, and a small chat with her help me change my outlook on things. I had spent the last hour or two rethinking my game plan. It was at that point that I decided to go online and post another blog. Before I had the chance to begin typing, I happened to read your post. And you said everything that I was thinking. Your story confirmed my thoughts.
I had to mentally decide to make this a career, and I did. I realized that I had to view my colleagues as resources rather than peers. I took a moment to think about the professionals that I see daily in the office. There's Bruce, the singing salesman. If it weren't for Bruce, the place would seem drone. He has spark in him everyday, is very friendly, and will burst out in song in the middle of the day. And if you heard his voice, you would prefer to hear that over the radio any time of day. And there is Lynn, who is also very friendly, and is without a doubt the go to guy for truck information. I would always be thrilled to be in the same office as Lynn.
We just aquired Jim, our new sales manager. He is a machine, it seems. He is large and in charge, but in the best way possible. He was a strong force in our Ford location, which we recently decided to give up. And as far as I can tell, he has taking a liking to me. He is definitely a good man's wing to be under. I anticipate a good education from him. Jim and Dave work damn good together as what I call the heart of the operation. dave is our F&I guy who can charm and sweet talk anybody. And the best part is, he is polite and professional when he does so. Jim is the business manager who is the center of all the action. He coaches football, need I say more? I wish my dad was like this guy! He tells it like it is, bacause that's his job. And he does it with such grace.
Chris, the Vice President of the organization is the man everyone would vote for in any election. He has, without question, earned his spot. And he is very approachable all day long. Chris is a guy that wants for everyone to be successful, and will help them get there. I plan on staying on his good side just for his keen sense for success.
Kenny, I absolutely must give a boat load of credit to Kenny. He is our Used Car manager. He is the best of the best, without dispute. He knows the business better than anyone, and  puts it to use constantly. He only sells the highest quality vehicles, and he sees to that it stays that way.
Now that I see the resources I have available, I know to use them. They are business partners. I can stop being the word track robot, and relax, take it down a notch, and learn to say be myself and have genuity. Tom, I can not thank you enough for your post...it was the perfect pep talk.
Dave Bucey
Kelly Automotive Group

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