I'm so tire of this, and why: I still see automotive vendors tout their multiple houses and cars--and a jet!--and I consider, especially at this time, an important perspective from my long-ago neighbor's story he shared with me.

Bob owned six trailer parks, and to pick up rent monthly he drove an old car he kept only for that purpose and dressed in old, but clean, jeans and a t-shirt. His reasoning? If he looked like he owned too much, they would resent him and he would get folks leaving without paying, working against him, causing trouble. Instead, he appeared to them like he was "from them"--which he was, mentally and spiritually, as he helped many tenants through hard times. His turnover rate on renters was very low.

My point? That the Age of Vendor Bling Meaning a Good Thing may well be one of the casualties of the COVID-19 slowdown/shutdown. Better to be first on that change, fellow vendors, than last: Stop looking like you're charging too much for your toys to your clients who are facing hard times and possible ruin.


So Sayeth The BullCutter.

Keith Shetterly, CEO/Founder

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