We’ve spent the last few months closely watching the career of Carlos Huerta begin. Keep an eye on him, friends. You’ll hear more about him in the future - I’m sure of that! 

We’ve heard all about the wins so far, and the challenges he’s faced along the way. Through his hard work, he’s helped us to create something that I believe will be very important to our industry. We’ve taken Ali’s process, condensed it into a five year model for success, and it’s our intent for this blueprint to become a duplicatable training program for the industry. 

In our monthly webcast, 100 Cars Club member Marcio poses some questions that offer further explanation of our pilot program with Carlos. We are so glad you’ve been here with us to watch its beginnings, and we invite you once more to watch this last video in our series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success.

So, there you have it folks! 

At month #4, Carlos is working 100% in the relationship business and making more per deal than a transactional salesperson. 

The proof of concept is: It’s more about relationships than the ability to sell or close. I need you to get this, let it really sink in, and allow it to change your life!

  • When you’re 100% transactional sales, you’re going to close 20% of the people you talk to. That means if you talk to 60 people, you’ll sell 8-12 of those making $400 per unit. So, in a transactional sales model, you’ll make no more than $5,000/ month
  • When you’re selling to both transactional and relationship customers, you’re going to close 35-60% of the people you talk to. So if you talk to 60 people, you sell 18-45 of those at $400 per unit. So, in this sales model, you’ll make $7,000 - $12,000/ month
  • When you’re 100% relationship sales, you’re going to close 80-90% of the people you talk to. That means if you talk to 60 people, you’ll sell 50-55 of those making $500 per unit. So in a relationship sales model, you’re making $25,000/ month

Do you get it!?!

This business is supposed to be about helping people, and we’ve seen that come to full fruition with Carlos. It’s not about drowning, or scrambling, or being wrought with anxiety to get the next deal. It’s about educating and truly helping your community fulfill their needs. What Ali and Carlos have proven is an industry changer. That’s what we hoped for, and turns out we weren’t just lucky. We were right. 

To follow the rest of Carlos’ journey, join us in the 100 Cars Club. We’ll give you the tools you need to start your transition, and get you to your next level. 

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