The myth of the “self-made” man or woman is just that — A MYTH

The myth of the “self-made” man or woman is just that — "A MYTH"

We hold in awe those who started life without the benefit of money or
resources and went on to build empires. It’s almost as if they were destined
to be giants and got there with only their own determination and talents.
When we look closer, though, behind the myth of their “destiny,” we
begin to see the people around them. We see the family and friends who
encouraged them. We fi nd the teachers and coaches who instructed them
on how to best use their gifts. We see the trusted mentors who coached
them and got the best out of them. Even those who didn’t believe in them
played a part, providing them with the challenge and inspiration to prove
their doubters wrong.

In this world, we are never alone.
No matter where we start out in life, we require others to shape us,
sharpen us and guide us. While we may fi nd some level of success on
our own, we’ll never achieve our true potential and discover our best self
without assistance and support from other exceptional, motivated people.
Th ese mentors may come from any facet of our lives. Wherever we fi nd
them, the results are the same. We grow, we discover certainty and clarity
and we learn to become more than who we were.
In the best cases, these people don’t tell us what to think; they teach us
how to think. They model ways we can attain our best lives through their
actions, behaviors, support and guidance. They challenge us to achieve
results we didn’t think were possible.
So, where can we find these role models? Where do we find true

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