I am amazed when making inquiries at the tonality of the person answering the phone. Although some are cheery and seem genuinely happy to assist you they are few and far between. These calls are being made to people in the "customer service" entities of the businesses I select to contact- particularly the automotive business.

     I contacted a particular dealership and one of the sales people answered the call. What I got was "Sales" in a tone of voice that it was an imposition for this person to speak to me. That I was a major disruption in his day. I could not wait to jump in my vehicle and run right to this dealership and spend tens of thousands of dollars with this particular sales person. I asked to speak to the sales manager. I didn't receive a "Hold please while I transfer you" or "Is there something I may be able to help you with". Instead there was a click and ten seconds later I heard "Sales" and I had to ask if I had indeed reached the sales manager. No names were furnished by either the manager or the sales person. I can only assume that the manager may have been "desking a deal" because he too made me feel that I was a disruption to his day.

     I could  now identify with the sales person's tonality because the culture must be that it is tolerated to speak to people in this manner. If the sales manager isn't displaying a helpful attitude than why should the sales people? All of the phone scripts and all of the phone up training wouldn't help if they do not care what their tone of voice sounds like.

     If you are not eager to help the person calling- If you are not smiling when you pick up the phone- If you are not really prepared to commit to making that call one of the best calls ever- stay away from the phone!

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