Top 10 Overlooked Booths at the NADA Convention

10) Jim Ziegler's TRUECar Executive- Dunk Booth

9) The Alan Mullaly- "Ford didn't use tax dollars: Kissing Booth"

8) Chevy Volt's promotional "Sniff my tailpipe" booth

7) Kia's Crayon Corner where children design their next car!

6) VW's "This is the car you want" Jedi Mind trick training booth

5) Mazda's booth- well, they didn't actually have one, they were out front panhandling and looking for investors

4) The Bailout Your Favorite Manufacturer Kiddie Pool

3) "Bet Mines' Bigger" Joe Verde and Grant Cardone debate Ego size

2) Fiat's booth explaining to Fiat 500 owners who J-Lo is... most lost interest and started comparing fuel economy with one another

1) Chrysler's "Do you feel lucky punk?" Dirty Harry Russian Roulette Booth(guess right and win a Chrysler 200!)

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