Top 3 Questions Customers Ask About Used Cars, and How to Respond to Them

The used car market is flourishing today and when someone goes to a Dealership to look for a previously owned vehicle, they have a dozen questions they would like answered. For some customers, there is hesitation in purchasing a used versus a new vehicle, but the price drop often overcomes their concerns. In order to provide assurance to customers who are shopping for used cars, it is important to be ready to answer the top three questions they will ask about them:  

 1. How many miles are on the vehicle?

It wasn’t too long ago when cars that reached 100,000 miles on the odometer were sent right to the auction after they were traded in. Though cars today run longer and further, buyers still want to know what the real mileage is before they invest in a used vehicle. If a vehicle has higher mileage, you need to be ready to assure customers that they will be protected with a warranty, or whatever your dealership provides for the used car market. 

2.  Has the used car ever been in an accident or flood?

Since Hurricane Katrina, buyers have become even more aware of their vulnerability to unscrupulous sellers.  In 2014 the average price of a pre-owned vehicle sold in America was nearly $17,000. People who invest in used cars today want to know what they are getting and whether they can expect their investment to hold its value.  They don’t want to buy a vehicle that was damaged by a previous owner and not properly repaired, or worse, covered up with the hopes of selling a lemon. 


3. Does the used vehicle come with a warranty?

Wise car Dealers know that there are high profits to be made in the pre-owned vehicle market and they offer extended warranties to their Customers whenever possible.  Nothing says ‘Safe Investment’ to a used car buyer better than a warranty.  If the dealer has enough confidence in the vehicle to offer additional protection it can be a big fear breaker for the Customer.

 As for the best way to respond to these questions:  nothing works better than a reputable vehicle history report like Carfax or Autocheck, which your dealership should offer free-of-charge to prospective auto sales customers

To learn more about how to tackle these questions and so many more, enroll yourself in a David Lewis and Associates class, seminar, or online training. Contact Mary Mannella today at 800.374.3314, extension 162 to learn more about all of our available auto sales training programs. 


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