"'Twas the Friday Before Weekend"
    by Keith Shetterly
    (with apologies to "'Twas the Night Before Christmas")

'Twas Friday before Weekend, when all through the house
not a new deal was clicking, not even a mouse;
the keyboards were laid in the showroom with care
in hopes that St. CRM soon would be there.

The salespeople nestled all worried at desks
while visions of commissions soon left their heads;
and GM in the tower with his head in his lap
had just sent his bonus on a long winter's nap,

When out on the lot their arose such a clatter,
that GM sprang up to see what was the matter.
Away from the window, we flew like a flash
and poured through the door with a mighty crash

And what to our wondering eyes did appear
but customers wanting to buy from us here!
More rapid than eagles these folks all came,
so GM whistled, and shouted, and called out by name:

"On Sharpie! Now Top Sheet! And Four-Square we're fixin'.
On Finance, On Calculator, so No Deals are missin'!
To the front of the lot! To the Appointment Wall!
Now Deal Making, Deal Making, Deal Making ALL!"

He sprang to the deals, to our team gave a whistle,
and away customers drove like the down of a thistle;
and I heard GM exclaim, as we closed up that night
"Happy Commissions to All! And who needed CRM tonight??"

P.S. Like Santa Claus, thinking technology is the ONLY way to sell cars is a myth.  And whatever happened to St. CRM? Well, give him a call...see what he says. ;)


Keith Shetterly, Consultant
281-229-5887 cell/text


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