Using Your Blog In Conjunction With Your Social Media

Blogging is about a lot of things, producing good content, building trust with your target market, driving traffic back to your website, adding value to your automotive SEO, but one of the most important things that often gets overlooked is that you can, and should, use blogging in conjunction with your social media marketing as well. A lot of bloggers make the same mistake with social media that everyone else does, they don’t connect at all.

When it comes to blogging and maintaining an online presence not using social media is likely the worst thing you can do. We all know where the benefits are with using social media as a marketing tool at this point, and most of us know it’s about staying away from hard marketing and instead posting good content that people want to see and engage with. What is a great source of unique and hopefully relevant, good content? That’s right your blog.

Just like with the comments section on your blog and any other social media effort you have to make sure you are engaging as well. You can’t expect to just post some good content and watch the readership flow in. If and when people engage with your posts and give you feed back you have to make sure you respond in a timely fashion, you want to gain peoples trust and loyalty.

Sharing your content via Facebook or Twitter is extremely easy to do. There are even services out there that you can set up to do it automatically for you. This will ensure that you have a consistent stream of content hitting your Facebook page. On the subject of sharing you want to make sure that your blog gives your readers the opportunity to share your content as well. You can add a simple plugin like AddThis or Sociable to your WordPress blog to automatically add social share buttons to every one of your posts.

Taking social media for granted is a mistake. Social media is actually very easy to integrate into your current blogging process and the return you will see in increased readership of your blog, and more fans on your social media, is well worth the extra effort.

Original article about social media and blogging posted on Wikimotive's blog

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Comment by Timothy Martell on September 3, 2012 at 2:59pm

Thanks Troy. Love your passion. Sorry I won't be at AutoCon to shake your hand, but I'll keep a look out for you at the next conference I'm at.

Comment by Troy Spring on September 3, 2012 at 8:45am

Definitely something this traditional media fella needs to learn more about  Thanks Tim....

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