We just started a Business Development Center....... HELP!

Our company just started a Business Development Center.  I am the manager, and only one right now... LOL... 

Would love some help and ideas...  would love to hear how and what others are doing....... 

Looking forward to hearing from you... thank you.

I have had lots of great feed back and great ideas and am most appreciated.. thank you., and to my surprise, much of the feed back has backed up what I was trying to do, but was over ridden.......   Now.......  to try to convince who I need to convince to try it my way again... however allow me to  and back me up to implement it...... 

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Comment by Kurtis Smith on April 7, 2012 at 8:06am


Have you designed the processes that you will use to connect the activities in the center to your team on the floor? Are there checks and balances that will ensure that all leads that leave the center can be traced in a manner that you the manager can monitor and manage? Most importantly, is the purpose of having a BDC clear enough for you to quantify and meet the expectations of leadership so you can actually succeed? These questions will stimulate thought, which will lead to a plan. 

Comment by Mr. Natural on April 7, 2012 at 8:02am

I would love to chat with you about these things.  Lets start a dialogue..



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