What Are 4 Things That You Should Never Do As an Auto Salesperson?

Sometimes knowing what not to do as an auto Salesperson is as valuable as knowing what you should do.   Here are the top 4 things you should NEVER do when selling cars:

1. Never ask the Customer a question that would cause them to tell you a lie

The old adage that “all buyers are liars” is the worst way to view prospective car-buying Customers. If you think this way about your customers, then you will treat them in a way that will work against you, and could ultimately result in lost sales. If Customers perceive that you are doing this they are unlikely to open to you so you can help them achieve their real purchasing goals.

2. Never ask questions that will be perceived as threatening or pressuring by the Customer

Traditionally, car Salespeople have tried to control the Customer and push them forward in the process with the use of trial closes and threatening questions. Rather than fall into old ways, look instead for ways to release your Customers' fears and develop a sense of trust that will allow them to feel comfortable with you.

3. Never ask questions that will make the Customer more defensive

Most Customers have preconceived ideas of how they will be treated when they come to a car dealership. If you act and sound like every other car Salesperson you’ll confirm their fears and add to their defensive posture. When this happens they will not cooperate with your sales process, and all of your hard work and good intentions will be lost. 

4. Never pre-judge a Customer’s potential or willingness to buy

Treat every Customer the same regardless of how they look or how their personality comes across to you.  Do your best to be positive, unique and inspiring with every Customer.  People today rarely come to a car dealership just to look around; they can do that on the Internet. Give your Customers the benefit of the doubt and make every sales presentation one that will inspire them to want to buy from you.

These are just a few suggestions to be come more successful in auto sales. We offer hundreds of hours of online videos, in-dealership auto sales training, and dozens of classes at our Paramus, NJ and King of Prussia, PA locations. 

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