The drive inside us is what sets our tone for success. What we want to accomplish in life and our career, paired with our inner drive is what leads us to our accomplishments.

Decide What You Want

When you decide what you really want in life it makes it easier to go get it. When you have a goal and a mind set, it makes it much easier to accomplish what you really want. That is the beauty of car sales, and sales in general you are not set to a certain wage or salary. You really have the opportunity to earn as much as you want. When you have a clear set of goals, and a game plan along with processes to get them, paired with a lot of drive you are lethal.

Get What You Want

Now that you know what you want it’s time to pro-actively go get it. I remember when I started in sales my dad was my manager, and when an up pulled up on the lot my dad said “Go get em.” He said this in a way that motivated me to try my best, and do everything in my power to sell them. Over the years I have a daughter, bought a bigger house, and got the latest vehicles. I got what I wanted and had to make sure I was working hard enough to pay for it all. I set myself up to get what I want, and give my family a comfortable life.

Create Your Confidence 

Doing things that create positive results, the same way every time, almost always guaranteesthe same positive results. You do these things the same way, and you will be amazed how often things work out the way you wanted. When things work out the way you want, and positive things happen it grows your confidence. The #1 key to success is confidence. People want to deal with confident people, because we trust and are drawn to the confidence in other people. Confident people have a anything is possible attitude, let’s make it happen, and that’s what customers want… Someone who knows what their talking about and is able to build enough trust in them so they can put away their doubt and fears. Start your day by doing positive things that build your confidence.

What Is IT

So what drives a salesman or saleswomen is a inner motivation. Something that everyday gives us the drive and confidence to go out and do what needs to be done. Whether it’s our lover, our children, money or whatever else it is that drives us to be the best. To work harder than everyone else. To self motivate ourselves to conquer the job, and keep a true enthusiasm to get other people excited about spending their money with you on your product.

What Drives a Salesman is confident behavior that creates productive results over and over again. What Drives a Salesman or woman is YOU.

Written by Noel Walsh Ann Arbor, MI

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Comment by Noel Walsh on October 25, 2011 at 9:12pm
Thank you Bobby. I've noticed you always pullout the best point's out of every post. I alway's like watching your post's and your comments. Keep it up.

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