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Set Your Sales Goals


I once heard a quote,” Until you commit your goals to paper, you have intentions that are…


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Quality Vs. Quantity

Quality Vs. QuantityThe ever going debate of what is most important in sales and auto sales more specifically.  Do you prefer a lot of new customers with no preference or loyalty to your business or your brand?  Or would you prefer a more manageable amount of customers whom you have a relationship, done business with, and that have loyalty to your business, product, and…


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When A Customer Says No Part 2

A persons biggest fear is rejection from their peers. A sales person has the same fear when they represent a product they believe in to their peers.

Confidence Sells

Customers, and really everyone are attracted to want to deal with, and be around confident people. It seems like these people, men and women alike never face any kind of objections when they are dealing with their customers. In a sense this is true, and it is because they have earned the trust and…


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Would You Attend Sales Training Workshop In Michigan

Would you go to or send your Automotive Sales Staff to a Sales Training and Prospecting Workshop in Ann Arbor Mi. on Friday, November 18th?


Would you send your sales staff, or as a sales professional or manager attend a workshop to grow your sales prospecting skills? Would you like to see one of the best Sales Trainers in the Industry Fran Taylor the “King of Prospecting” from Taylor Techniques teach you to do these things?




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What Drives a Salesman

The drive inside us is what sets our tone for success. What we want to accomplish in life and our career, paired with our inner drive is what leads us to our accomplishments.

Decide What You Want

When you decide what you really want in life it makes it easier to go get it. When you have a goal and a mind set, it makes it much easier to accomplish what you really want. That is the beauty of car sales, and sales in general you are not set to a certain wage or…


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"Conquer What You Chase"


” Conquer What You Chase “

Confidence is king…


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When a Customer Says No Part 1


When you are in the process of showing a customer a product, and trying to close the deal out, there is a good chance you will hear “NO.” Remember when a customer tells you NO, if you have done your job right up to this point, they are really telling you “keep talking I am not quite ready yet.”

The difference between sales people and sales professionals is the ability to overcome customer NO’s and objections. A sales professional will take the NO from the customer and start…


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Make Sure You Look At Every Customer As An Opportunity Not An Opposition

A sales person has to have a certain ego, and confidence about them and they like to win in every deal, but sometimes you have to appear to lose to win the sale.

You never lose in sales when you make the sale.

Our job in sales is to get the customer to bob their head up and down, telling you “we will take it.” This is the outcome we are looking for with every prospect/customer we face. Sometimes we get demanding customers who are so afraid of sales people, they…


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Wow, it’s a new year for the car business ! Our industry has been dormant for five years and this is our year of return. How fortunate are you to be in an industry where you have no where to look but up. You are fortunate my friend, and capitalize on this opportunity for yourself, your family and your business. Remember your employer’s business is an extension of your business and you need to make this flourish. I want you to be aware the car industry is due for a 20% increase this…


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Walk Into The Dealership to Sell, And Only Sell


When you are in car sales, and sales in general your job is to keep your attitude up,  build on your professional reputation with your customers, and grow your business. So when you walk into work in the morning, Walk into the dealership to sell, and only sell.

Get Right To Work

The minute you walk in the morning, preferably early and before everyone else, get yourself situated, everything turned on and booted up, and get organized. Focus on one task…


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Sharpen Your Sales Skills On The Phone



The phone is still the strongest weapon for a sales person in their arsenal, and sales people need to use their sales skills to make the most of every phone call with a customer.


Answering a Phone Up/Lead

When you have an incoming call coming in, or also known in the car business as a phone up, you need to know how to capitalize on them.  When the customer is calling you on a specific product you have or offer they can be…


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5 Ways to Grow Your Income In Car Sales

Selling cars is a tough way to make an easy living. We have to work long hours, know our product, and continually grow our client base by building lasting relationships.

1. Watch the Best, and Learn from them.

The best in your dealership and in the industry are the best for a reason. They have good methodical habits, they work hard, and have a large clientele that brings in lots of referral and repeat business. Follow their good habits and learn from their work ethic, then… Continue

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