A persons biggest fear is rejection from their peers. A sales person has the same fear when they represent a product they believe in to their peers.

Confidence Sells

Customers, and really everyone are attracted to want to deal with, and be around confident people. It seems like these people, men and women alike never face any kind of objections when they are dealing with their customers. In a sense this is true, and it is because they have earned the trust and respect from their customers. Whether it is the first time they’ve done business together or if they have done business together many times before, their customers sense their confidence, and that they are professionals and trust what they say and recommend.

Now that you are clear that confidence sells better than anything else, it’s time to

Learn how to overcome No and Objections

As I stated in my last blog post, as a sales professional you must continue to overcome NO from a customer by asking more questions, and giving them  more solutions to their want or need. When a customer tells you NO, listen to all they have to say, and then ask a question that will cater to the value you are creating. Slow things down FOR the customer if they are uneasy or unsure, and help build Their confidence by asking them questions about them and their family. After you have reinforced the relationship, lead them to the end of the sale by giving them what they told you they wanted at a fair value for all.

Reinforce, but don’t over Repeat

If a customer is showing any type of over thinking or second guessing, don’t be alarmed. This is a natural reaction to spending a lot of money called “Buyers Remorse”. Without catering to the customers phobia, in a soothing way reiterate, and reinforce the value for your customer in your product. Tell your customer things subtly like, you made a great choice on choosing the right product with the most important features to accommodate your uses at a value that fits your budget.

That kind of response can overcome any kind of objection or second guessing from a customer in any buying situation!

Keep Building the Relationship through the Sale and in the Future

As I started this post with, Confidence Sells. People want to deal with confident people, and when every time they talk to you and you are confident they are going to do business with you more frequently, and send you more referral business. If you stay on the up and up all the time in a genuine way, because you are happy and good at what you are doing people will be drawn to you. Stay in control of your deal, keep your customer happy, entertained and create value for all involved.

Do this every time to every kind of customer in a genuine methodical way, and you will be successful in Sales, Guaranteed.

Written by Noel Walsh  Ann Arbor, MI

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Comment by Bill Gasson on February 5, 2012 at 5:45pm

That was very good.

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