What’s Your Dealership’s Chemistry with Women? Download Periodic Table

Happy New Year to you all! Now is the perfect time to reflect on your current customer engagement and interactions strategies in order to exceed this past year's business. How to achieve this? Does this sound unreasonable? For starters, with the emerging buying power of women, unemployment at its lowest rate in years, and millennial buyers out in full force, 2016 may very well be a repeat performance. Naturally, it's nothing to be taken for granted and every walk-in matters.

The Right Formula
When it comes to customer service or sales, we often talk about having the right chemistry with a customer. But what does that really mean? What are the right ingredients to attract women shoppers, turn them into buyers and keep them coming back to your service center? There are many combinations of the “right formula” and it can seem very complex to find the optimal combination. We have created a handy chart to use as a reference for steps your dealership can take to help “re-create” the right synergy and drive more dollars to your bottom line this new year.

All dE members can now....

Download Now and share this with your team at the next sales/company meeting. Women-Drivers.com will take the next few weeks to touch upon the elements creating chemistry and trust including WEBSITE, SOCIAL MEDIA, ADVERTISING, SALES, STORE ENVIRONMENT, F & I, SERVICE, and REPUTATION. Lastly, we will discuss how all of the processes, people and planning you have in place have a huge difference in driving in YOUR IDEAL BUYER.

Do You Know?

CERTIFIED Women-Friendly Dealers have a 92% Satisfaction score – 23% higher than Non-Certified Dealers. Further, 6 in 10 women DO NOT return to a dealership when they leave and 55% of women only go to 1 dealership. The take-away? There is a lot at stake on that first visit. #ChemistryMatters

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Comment by steven chessin on January 15, 2016 at 2:59pm

I need to preface this video from pre-TV days when commercials were movie theater trailers.  

Similar to the Progressive Insurance commercial "Where is Your Husband" --- going on and on and on about "Women's Work". In this case it is about pre-automatic transmissions when the shifting effort became hydraulic assisted --- which saved the "Little Woman" so much effort wasted shifting gears. It took 10 minutes to make that point. And of course --- we laugh at how slow the information is dripped-out. It is interesting to watch how the point is built brick-by-brick. It makes you want to shoot yourself for watching this Chinese water-drip torture of a sales pitch for Chevrolet's high-tech innovation  --- which it was at the time. And how it is targeted to women. (men do not need easier gear shifting ----- grunt)  It is saying  that men's work --- driving --- can now be done by women ! CAR BUYING  ---- still a futuristic concept in 1940  "Where is your husband ?"  

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