With all the manufactures releasing their numbers for November it looks like everyone had a great month. Even Suzuki who left the U.S. market and filed bankruptcy had a good month.

With that said, how was your month? Was it great, or were you thinking why did my month suck.  If vehicle sales were up all over the country and all the manufactures had a great month, then why was our business off. It is easy to justify to ourselves why our business is off when the rest of the countries numbers are off, but when you see your numbers and say what is going on.

As an owner, sometimes one has to go across the street and look at their store from a different prospective. Look at your store as a customer and ask yourself, why would or wouldn’t I do business at my store and be honest. One may have to ask themselves some serious questions.

Do I have the right processes in place (if any at all)? Do I have the right people in the right positions? Is it just status quo in your dealership or maybe you have sacred cow syndrome. I remember an old saying, when a shooter misses the target; it’s not the targets fault. When you’re the general you need to lead your troops daily into the battle of doing business making sure everyone is productive and being pro-active. When the disease of complacency sets in to your dealership, it can be very difficult to cure.

I just finished a book by Rebel Brown titled DEFY GRAVITY (I highly recommend) and it made me take a hard look at how we enter the battle of business. Maybe gravity is holding you down. In her book Rebel Brown defines gravity as #1 enemy of growth, status quo beliefs and behaviors, and yesterdays strategies applied to today’s world. Most people despise change which I do not understand because change is one of the only things consistent in the world and one should wrap their arms around it and forge through.

In my next blog I’ll talk about ways to change business to get your fair share and then some.

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