Have you ever wondered what a 20 to 25 car a month salesperson has that the 8 to 10 car a month salesperson does not have? When I say that I mean different salesperson in the same store. Both of them attended the same training, have the same sales managers, and work the same hours. Some people just have more drive than others. Why is that? What makes each of us tic so differently than the other? First of all some look at their choice of work as and have a lot of passion for their chosen career while others look at their work as necessity that interferes with their livelihood. There are those of us who go out and make life happen and those that wait for life to happen. What creates that difference in a person? There are three types of mind sets in our society, the victim, the entitled, and the rare one who is responsible. A good question to ask yourself is, what is my sales staff made up of and how do I change it? If a person does not see a need or a want to change their mindset there is nothing short of long-term therapy and counseling that can solve this problem and I am sure one does not have the time or training to go there. I was once told the best time to fire someone is before you hire them. With that said one may need to look at your hiring process a little closer. Look at their personal life a little more in-depth. Is their personal life full of drama and chaos? I’m sure their professional life will not be much better. When interviewing ask the prospective hire what their goals are and what kind of plan they have in place to achieve them. This alone will tell you a lot about this person. Look a little deeper into their psyche, see if their mentality is a victim, entitled or is one that takes responsiblity. This will give you a better vision of what you have to work with. We all come into this world as equals, how each of us handle the trials and tribulations that life hands us, separates us in this world. If you don’t plan your own future, someone else might and you may not like it. Wake up and become part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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