The ripple effect, do you understand it?

Every action has a reaction, no matter how small or large. Any time we stretch the truth, tell a white lie or right out tell a whopper of a lie there is a reaction.

When a salesperson does a customer wrong it’s usually not the salesperson reputation that is damaged, it’s the dealerships and the ripple keeps going. Dealerships spend considerable amounts of money protecting and maintaining their reputation.

So my question is; what gives you the right as an employee to but a blemish on the dealerships reputation where you work? You should be treating every customer you come in contact with like they were your mother.

Now we come to my original question. Who are you? In our society (I should say the world) there are three type of mind sets:

  1. The Victim. This is the individual that blames everything on something or someone else.
  2. The Entitled. This is the individual that believes they are entitled to everything at anyone's expense.
  3. The Responsible. This is the individual that takes responsibility for every decision and outcome in their life.

Ask yourself, which one am I?

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Comment by Marsh Buice on March 7, 2013 at 8:17pm

When I was younger I was a #1 & #2 man but never achieved success until I was willing to accept responsibility and begin to work on myself instead of blaming others for my circumstances. Growth starts within. Nice share Scott.

Comment by Pat Kirley on March 7, 2013 at 6:54pm
1+2 don't worry or care about their reputation or the dealership
Bad pay plans and filling desks are a major cause of the problem

Great insight

Thanks for sharing
Comment by Ron Rozier on March 7, 2013 at 4:23pm

This is a great article/statement. It is sad though that in our industry the first two people we are seeing more and more of in the car business after years of weeding them out, they are making a comeback. You do not have to lie ito be successful in the Auto sales Profession. Again Great article, keep them coming, our industry needs more positive thinking like yours.

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