4 Tips To Help You Get The Promotion You Want in 2015

Watch the interview with Jim Graham, Owner of Santa Margarita Ford, to learn what Owners and Managers are looking for when promoting from within.

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Comment by Brian Bennington on January 2, 2015 at 2:58pm

Even though fixed operations and service isn't that interesting to me, your well-presented and concise videos are always a "must see."  However, I think the 4 tips you arrived at are more for the "promoters" (dealer management) than for "promotees."  Everything Mr. Graham mentioned was exclusively from his view of who should get the promotion, but as I'm sure you know, management philosophy can be massively divergent from dealership to dealership and, from what I've witnessed, can often be determined on a "whim."

Of course, if you're "promotion hunting," everything presented makes sense, but in no way does it assure you'll get it, or anything for that matter.  If I wanted to "move up," I'd surely rather be related to the dealer than to be his best employee.

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