The value of a video is greatly underestimated and many businesses lose out on the opportunities that videos can unfold. Not only can it be difficult to create ideas for videos but many become frustrated and confused about how to increase the chance of them receiving views. Knowing how to boost your videos' presence is a key factor in gaining viewership from your online communities. This includes triggering curiosity through creative titles and descriptions and remembering the importance of integrating SEO words that will improve its search results.

Too many times, videos go unseen due to simple mistakes or merely disregarding the SEO opportunities social sites like YouTube, Vimeo and other video uploading services provide. When uploading a video, there is certain essential information that will entice a click and/or improve its chances to be viewed within a sea of search.

In this webinar we will cover how you can properly optimize your videos to receive better search results by covering the proper usage of keywords, titles, descriptions and much more. And once you know the tricks to success, Video SEO will be your new best friend!

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