Do you wear your work uniform with the same pride as you do when wearing your favorite sports team's shirt?

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Comment by Brian Bennington on September 22, 2015 at 7:01pm

Jeff, my friend, I'm confused.  Who, exactly, was this post directed at?  If it's service department personnel, I can't believe there are that many reading DE.  If it's dealership management, wouldn't this content be rather low on their priority list, say, as compared to the effectiveness and efficiency of the actual worked performed in their shop.  This "appearance problem" your highlighting could be generated by countless reason, many of them personal, but if management really wanted to cure it, how about the proven solution of throwing a little money at it?  In the case you're talking about, why not have the shop uniforms as similar as possible to the team's garb, with the employee's name and a number prominently displayed across the back.  If it was color-coordinated with the local team's colors, I'd bet the service customers would approve, and it would certainly set the dealer apart from the other neighboring  dealerships.

I'd think the employee's name in large letters would lend itself to improving the awareness of how each employee looked.  And, let's face it.  The normal "grey" and "blue" of shop uniforms is plenty tired.  You sound like you've had military experience, and while the military's normal working attire is nothing fancy, when they're in their dress uniforms, they all look outstanding and it's easy to see they're proud to wear them.  If the endgame for this is elevated "esprit de corps," the dealership better move beyond just encouraging cleaning and pressing.  Jeff, the idea and thoughts behind this post is way out of my bailiwick, but considering it was kind of fun!    

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