How to Negotiate Price and Close over the Phone - Tired of Missing Sales

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Comment by Robert DeForge on December 5, 2014 at 11:36am

As a consumer, if I was treated that way on the phone, it would have been no.  The $100 difference is a silly issue, and at that amount easy to get the customer off of that issue.  This was just a set up video for Cardone....hardly believe that was real call.  With that being said, I like that you put a simple yes or no in front of the customer.  That makes sense when you are only at a $100 difference, and for that fact even a higher difference.  The consumer at some point has had enough, and wants to get it done.  Me personally, I would not do business with some one being that condesending through the phone....that is just me.


Comment by fred berzunza on December 3, 2014 at 7:54pm

@Danny Q you got to be kidding me, arrogant? rude? you think the "original salesman" in this case Todd objected even a little bit when Grant jumped on the line and help this guy over the fence. they probably role play the set up to that close countless times. Your comment says more about you than you think, mainly the level of discomfort you feel doing the uncomfortable, or refusal to add stress all the while not begin impressed with a master of his craft getting it done with out giving up an extra $100.00 of well deserved profit form a client who's inability to come to a buying decision. that lack of conviction probably affecting his closing percentage daily with out him even knowing. the $100.00 was just the most available excuse the buyer had handy. by locking him down and taking it away he built value in his product and proved that his methods work. further more I don't know what you do for money but GC picks up the call @ :30 mark in the video and the close happens before the 2:00 mark, thats about $67 a min. now considering it took me about 3 min to rattle off this response to your comment I just spent about $200  worth of time... and as far as referrals go I would bet my fictitious $200. bucks, dollar to donuts he gets more  referrals after Grant puts him on Cardone university and the excuses get traded in fro results. your right when you say this might work for "some" your right it only works for those that work it!! 

Comment by Danny Quinones on August 2, 2014 at 3:49pm

This might work for some but, seems rather pushy, arrogant, rude especially when the original salesmen let Cardone take over. If all he's bitching is about $100.00 I'd rather keep him happy and maybe he'll send some referrals. Not impressed there's no need to add stress over $100.00. seems silly and the time wasted I could have been helping another customer.   

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