I can't think of any other job that's more fun and more exciting than the profession of selling. At the end of the day, you are professional sales people and you should be proud of this. If you get this down, you can go anywhere. You'll never be unemployed!

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Comment by Brian Bennington on November 18, 2014 at 4:28am

Always enjoy your clips, Jeff.  Especially when they're as on point and impactful as this minute and a half ditty.  You started with a bang, but then you moved to the service drive and it became all about oil changes.  Lucky, the meat of this post was about doing "selling" right, and that applies to selling anything.  Personally though, nothing in the service drive ever packed enough "blue sky" (except maybe a $4000 set of wheels) to get my juices flowing.  I'd guess that a primary closing technique there is the "back the hearse up, open the doors, and let 'em smell the flowers" presentation.  Definitely a "Golden Oldie" (that's actually taking on a new life in this cheese dog world we've arrived at), but too boring for me as I've always preferred more of a "new tomorrow" selling style.     

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