When I first started working in the industry over 25 years ago now, I always asked this question. We know that customers "Hate Buying Cars" for the most part. We also know that like visiting a dentist, lawyer, or doctors office they would not be in a store unless they were servicing their car or needed a new or used vehicle.

So the question is why is it that customers who visit the showroom don't buy cars?

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Check out Mike's thoughts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCsUcof3Ddc

Now it makes sense, now we understand why customers leave our showroom, that's fantastic. Now that you have the information all you need to do is logically paint a picture that makes sense to the customer and makes them want to come back to the store and buy a car.

If you need help doing this and are sick and tired of just lowering your price in the hopes of bringing them back, we can help!!!!!

Mike Overy

Managing Partner

Proactive Dealer Solutions

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