Technology Driven Solutions For Automotive Advertising Agencies


Technology Driven Solutions For Automotive Advertising Agencies

The Internet is fueled by human nature & powered by technology. Human nature is the constant and technology delivers the change needed to maximize R.O.I. for dealers. This group will focus on technology to integrate the real and the virtual world.

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What Is The Best Way To Monetize Social Networking - People, Process Or Technology?

Started by Philip Zelinger Mar 18, 2010. 0 Replies

Since I started this group I guess that I might as well start the discussions as well -- so here we go!Human nature has survived on the Internet and any technology that presumes to support it must…Continue

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Comment by Jim Hughes on March 19, 2010 at 1:47pm
As for me, I can wait until 8th DD. I look forward to learning more about them.
Comment by Philip Zelinger on March 19, 2010 at 1:43pm
Hi Jim(s),

Yes, Auto Nation completed a six month pilot before they expanded their integration of Argistics into their BDC - Auto Nation Direct. Frankly, they had to train their new "professional shopper assistants" not only in the leveraged uses of the application but to operate as online "desking" managers along with the internal processes needed to accomodate this new online transparency.

Also, there is a dealer group in the North West that has integrated the application into their process and I can arrange an online presentation with Jeffery Bennet -- the founder of Argistics -- to review their application since he can share some real world best practices that have already been developed.

That, or we can wait until the 8th DD Conference since I already have several presentations scheduled for there and then.

Ready when you are. After all, what are friends -- and Dealer Elite -- for!
Comment by Jim Hughes on March 19, 2010 at 1:35pm
Thanks for sharing, Philip, about your client, Argistics Video Assist. I see great potential in how a car shopper on the internet can be moved much further forward in the sales funnel by getting their questions answered by a 'live' person without the pressure of being at a dealership. By putting a knowledgeable, friendly, consultative sales consultant on-line, a Dealership can build the all-important trust early on and enhance the possibility of the customer coming to their Dealership. I see how this could positively impact sales, gross, CSI, SSI and much more.

Do you have any quantified results, Philip, that you can share with us from Dealers that have been using this product?

Jim, please let us know what you think after your viewing today.
Comment by Philip Zelinger on March 19, 2010 at 1:34pm
Thanks for the update Jim.

I understand their difference and I see their value! The fact that multiple applications are being developed to take advantage of video and online communications on many levels is a perfect example of a rising tide floating all boats!

I should mention that AutoTransaxion is also opened through a simple HTML link that can be posted inside an email as well as a website, banner ad, Iphone or any online media. They are focused exclusively on two way communications between a customer and a BDC or Internet operator because their business model functions as an online "desk" that is authorized to take the conversation into a "negotiation" with enhanced transparency and control since there is no disconnect from the contact to the conversation such as is required by conventional "chat" applications that require a phone call or an email to continue the dialogue.

That said, please post your experience on the site later since I agree that ongoing support in the field or training webinars might value their application. I love listening and learning from sites like this and guys like you! After all, what are friends for.

This is fun!
Comment by Philip Zelinger on March 19, 2010 at 10:53am
Hi Jim,

You don't have to be a "tech guy" to recognize a good idea when you see one; thanks for sharing!

I should mention that one of my vendor clients, Argistics AutoTransaXion, already has a matured customer interaction platform that incorprates two way video communication -- sort of like a chat program on steroids -- that not only allows a real time video conversation on the auto dealer's site, but it links directly into the dealer's DMS, ILM and CRM to accomodate a complete online transaction! They offer a push/pull and pull/push solution that can crash through the glass wall and accomodate any process that exists in the real world. Auto Nation has already installed them in their Auto Nation Direct facility and they rolled out their online transaction business model just prior to the NADA Convention using the Argistics platform to power their new online initiative.

Obviously, great minds think alike as you obviously saw the same value in enhanced online communications through video that I did when I took on Argitics as a vendor client and that Auto Nation did when they expanded their retail business model to weight online shoppers and the developing ability to accomodate online transactions!

If you find any more bleeding edge applications please post them here since I am looking for new vendor clients and my auto dealer clients are looking for new technology driven solutions to sell more cars for less. That is why I started this group!

After all, what are friends -- and Dealer Elite -- for!

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