I was recently asked by a dealership struggling to "help out" and consult.  We were able to make a nice agreement for the dealer do a mailer of ours, guaranteed to make him money and I would "help out".  A win / win for everyone.  I get a mailer deal and he gets free consulting.


They were really struggling and stuck in the preverbal rut.  With a  quick meeting with the sales manager and finance manager.  I said, I can't be here much but I can fix this if you listen.  They welcomed me with open arms and I knew I didn't need to let any one go.  After all I had the dealers backing and the co-operation of the two key people in the place.


They listened alright.  I have been there 10 hours and they saw a 75% increase last month.  16 months of struggling and BAM a 20 day turn around win in 10 hours of me being in the store total.


The moral of this story is that attitude and BIG THINKING is what it is all about.  When asked how I did it, I say... I did not do it, WE DID IT!!   I was lucky to find good people with open minds. If your store is lacking in any way shape or form.  Make sure you set new expectations, TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO THINK BIG AND STAY FOCUSED.   Pick two or three things that are painfully obvious to you to fix and FIX THEM THAT DAY.  there is no waiting period.   


CALL IT!!  Like Babe Ruth pointing the bat at the fence and then hitting a home run.  Success starts with belief.  Do not think it takes blowing everyone out and starting over or big huge process changes.  It takes a people changing their beliefs and acting on it.   How fun it is to walk in to the place now and see everyone smiling and thank me for simply teaching them how to THINK.


Maybe I will update everyone after ten more hours.. Hope this helps anyone who is struggling.

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Troy! I dont think I have said this before but you really do an amazing job. I was reluctant in the beginning when I heard about your product and then after I told a few dealers of mine to try your service it was mind blowing. Thank you for helping my dealers really making it and helping them make money! So much competition in this industry and its nice to see someone with good car business background and understands the dealer side of things, offering some unique attraction sales. As you know I never recommend much or hardly anyone to my dealers, because we are in the car business lol. I like the fact that you understand advocating for dealers. I love your work for that alone :-).
Thanks Lizelle.  We at Dealer World, especially me... really appreciate you and all you have done for us.   Rare in this business to work with such a professional like yourself.   Truly a pleasure.


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