I have been at my current dealership for 4 weeks as a sales manager.  Our used car traffic is acceptable, however our new car traffic is very very low.  Service is busy enough to work. 


Do you have any suggestions for effectively working the service lane? 


I will do it myself before asking anyone else to do this.


Has anyone personally worked the service lane effectively?



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I can tell you from a Service Directors view the key to working the service lane is being there every morning. You need to have someone there in the lane from 7:30 to around 9:30. Also visit the lounge all day, handing out business cards. I can promise you if you are seen you will sell cars. You might even lean a few things about your product you didn't know.
I hope this helps. Good Luck.
You should be commended for bringing up such an outstanding topic right here on dealerELITE. The service drive is one of the best kept secrets still to this day.

I once hired a green pea sales consultant and trained him to only work the service drive exclusively, as a service customer was his only source of opportunity to speak to a fresh up/customer.

He opened with the service department early in the morning and made friends with all the service writers. His method was to hand out donuts and coffee while offering a free written trade appraisal.

This method is simply being a servant to an existing customer base. This method only takes involvement and consistency.

When the service writer presents the shop bill to the customer with a good rapport building process by the sales consultant, will be perfect timing to include this shop bill in their new vehicle purchase upgrade.

Rather than pay your shop bill, we can put you in an upgraded vehicle and try to keep your payments within your budget...

A great way to bring this all together is to incentivize your service writers to assist in creating car deals. Unite the entire store!

Way to go on this topic and how refreshing to hear that a quality Sales Manager wants to lead by example...

Cheers to you... B.C.

Yes and no. The best way to work the service lane is to have sales people work as greeters. Have a rolling podium stocked with brochures, plastic and paper mats. The conversations started this way will improve the customer experience and develope a continued dialog with current clients. You will also conquest those prospects that purchase elsewhere and service with you. If you are a large dealership have more than one sales person. Another reason, people hate to wait, with a greeter they are really seeing your best foot moving forward!

This is what ABN is specifically designed to do. Take a look at our website and feel free to message me with any questions. Have a good one!
Do you have a spiff program for Service folks who bring interested service customers to Sales? I've found personal hand off from Service Writer or Technician to me creates an atmosphere of respect and trust. Making sure the referring employee is compensated should be transparent and swift.

Were I to man the service lounge I'd bring in fresh fruit and little yogurts. Every dealership has coffee and baked goods, I'd try to stand out.


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