Persuasion are often the most critical determinants of your success and If it's so important then, why do so few people actually develop this competency? The more deeply you bond with any client or customer, the more likely they will remain loyal and refer others to you.
At the end of the day, relationships are at the core of any business. People within a company are essential to success. If you cant sell yourself, you cant sell much of anything. People like to deal with people they like or trust.Ask yourself a few questions:
How can I improve how I service and seek my clients?
How can I change what I offer them to more accurately reflect what they need?
How can I equip my staff better?
How can I improve myself?
People with first-rate influence skills combine interpersonal, communication and assertiveness abilities. When you give, people will give back. Never underestimate someone's heartfelt desire to leave a positive mark. Make your own constructive contribution while seeing, and appreciating, the gifts of others. Put yourself in front of people who can say yes , and I deliver value first.Books are not just for reading and learning. They’re also for education and reference. It’s not your library; it’s your personal success library. The game of selling is best played with enthusiasm and openness. The successful sales people is one who is always 'on-the-grow', and on the look out for ways to do it better. Are you?

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Great share Lizelle.

It's amazing how far the power of persuasion goes. 

I like to look at persuasion as an act of genuine kindness...


You're spot on -"The successful sales people is one who is always 'on-the-grow', and on the look out for ways to do it better."



The day you stop learning is the day you might as well pick out your headstone.


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