Hello everyone! I am new to the automotive sales industry. I have spent the last decade in the telecommunications field (multiunit manager for mobile phone companies). I have the ability to talk to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. However, I would love to have some successful mentors that I could rely on. The dealership that I work for is fabulous in almost every way. It does lack in training though. I have went through the training and I am certified now but that is only half the battle.

I have read up on some of Frans stuff and really want to become a king of prospecting. I am not lazy by a ways. I love seeing people get a good deal and smile the entire time. I literally roll out the red carpet for them. I am less than a month in and know that winning habits are formed in the beginning of any new career.

I look forward to hearing from some of you and listening to your stories and strategies!


Matthew Ousley

Capitol Chrysler

Jefferson City, MO


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You may want to start with your sales manager. If anyone should want to see you succeed, your manager would be that person. Ask him or her for all of the orphan accounts. These would be people that have done business with the dealership in the past. Call them, email them, send them a post card introducing yourself to them letting them know that the previous sales person is no longer at the dealership and that you are now their "Account Manager". Reach out to them at least once a quarter just checking to be sure everything concerning them, their vehicle and the service they are receiving is meeting or exceeding their expectations. You can then migrate into the prospecting from that starting point.

While your peers have their noses pressed against the showroom windows waiting for the "up bus" to arrive, you can start filling your pipeline with appointments. It will not happen overnight but if you stick with it you will have the business you are in search of. You are a business within a business! You will get out what you put in. You are in one of the greatest businesses as far as making yourself a great living and networking with some of the greatest people one could ever meet.

Go work to work. Stay away from the circle of sales people that spend most of their time doing absolutely nothing to promote themselves or their careers. They will not be buying anything from you.

Set goals and when you achieve them set more! You can do it and within several years you can become the top sales person on the floor. Best of luck!

Hi Matthew,

Because I can't be in every dealership that needs my training, we've put all of our video training online for free. You are welcome to use it at your leisure:

Short & Sweet Video Lessons: http://stevestauning.com/suggested-training-curriculum-for-car-deal...

Long Form Training Webcasts: http://undeniableadvantage.com/webcast-archives/

Please let me know if have any questions or if I can help in any other way: http://stevestauning.com/contact_steve/

Good selling!


Thank you Steve! I look forward to watching these.

Matthew, It sound like you are treating this as  a career. You might want to check out a websiter called Learn to Lead.com. The coach is Dave anderson and he is right on. He has a book called " Selling Above the Crowd" which is like a daily to do lis, one thing a day for each day of the Year which should put you on the Fast rack to success. Embalm and i will send you a free one. MylesDolanJr@aol.com


You can go on You Tube and find countless training videos regarding auto sales.  We use the MarKee Group for our initial training of new automobile salespeople - Green Peas.  

Regardless of the training, the most important thing you need to do is learn goal setting.  In order to set attainable goals, you must find out certain statistics regarding your personal performance such as closing ratio, average commission and average number of dealership provided ups.  Since you are new, you can use averages until you have enough data to know your own.  

  1. Set your income goal      $5000
  2. Divide by your average commission     $5000/$300  = 17 Sales
  3. Divide Sales by Average Closing ratio      17/18%  = 95 ups
  4. Divide Total ups by Average weeks in a month         95/4.3    =  22 ups per week
  5. Subtract Average ups provided by dealership from ups per week     22-10  =  12 ups need to be generated

Notice the figures -  If you just sell vehicles based on ups provided by the dealership - you will sell 1.8 Vehicles a week or 7-8 a month.  8 vehicles at $300 per sale = $2400      $2400 X12  = $28,800 a year

Based on the above figures you have many options to increase sales

  1. Have the dealership provide more opportunities/ups
  2. Increase your own customer base by working the service department and converting orphan customers
  3. Work every customer 110% - concentrate on an 80% average demonstration rate - 75% write up rate -70% offer rate based on write ups
  4. Work on getting the customer back in -creating a be-backs   - shoot for $30% of 1st time ups

Since customers of the dealership and be-backs close at higher rates than 1st time ups, it is the easiest way to increase sales in a short period of time.

In order to excel at any job or profession, you must know the numbers.  Without the numbers, you are basically shooting at ducks in the dark!

Attainable goals are the key to any successful Salesperson.  If you do not set your own goals, other people will set them for you.  

I have heard Managers tell new salespeople that a good start is 7-8 sales a month since you are new.  In many cases they are right by the above figures.  However, once you learn to set goals (not objectives), the numbers are only limited on how much time you want to spend.

The last thing I am going to leave you with is as follows:

If the customer does not like the price, trade in value, payments or downpayments, odds are that there is a selection problem!  Either they have not selected the right vehicle or they have not made the decision to purchase that vehicle.

Either way - they will bring up an objection!   Any time an objection to the above parts of a sale is made, take the vehicle away from the customer by saying, "Now I understand the Problem" "We are on the wrong vehicle" "Lets spend more time on finding you the vehicle you really want".   One of two things will happen and both are good.

They will either tell you that they are not really sold on the vehicle and you can find the right one or they will say that is the vehicle I want!   Then you just tell the customer, " Then lets find a way for you to drive this home"

When a customer finds what he or she really wants - they want it yesterday!

Good Luck in a great business.

Jim Fisher

Jim Fisher and Associates, Inc.



I didn't break the numbers down like you did but starting my second month in the business I have set an obtainable goal and stretch goal. My obtainable goal is 12.5 (currently at 8.5 for the month) and my stretch goal is 18.5. Thanks for the numbers breakdown. I will use these and figure out my stats to really see what numbers I need to hit. Have a wonderful day!

Matt Ousley

Capitol Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM



Great advice by all who have replied!

SMART goals are key and having a process for prospecting for new business before the sale and for referrals after the sale is a must for long-term success. One of the best places for prospecting is the service waiting area. Conversation starters are easy, tell them you're new and want to know what they like most about their car/truck so you can tell others. Most people will be glad to share what their opinion. From their you can inquire about who their salesperson is and if unassigned use Mark's "account manager" word track for permission to follow-up with important information about their model. There are plenty of tools in the tool box...you just need find a couple that are a fit for you and then you need a strategy of how and when to use them. Best of luck!  


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