Hi Everyone!

My name is Sean Prosser and I am from London ON.  I am new to the car business and am very excited to start building my business!  I am not very familiar with this site and decided that this would be the best way of introducing myself, so that I can meet some of you and be able to receive some great advice in creating a successful career.  It has been a week since I have started here and I can honestly say that I already know that I have found my niche in life and am prepared for the never ending learning journey.  If you could please introduce yourself and leave a few tips and advice it would be greatly appreciated and will be of great use to myself. Everyone is very helpful at my dealership but we all need our own style so I would like to be able to have access to as much information as possible to create the style that works best for me.  Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to learn from you, it is greatly appreciated.

God Bless

-Sean Prosser  

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Hi Sean    I too am new to this site, and to car sales. In my short 3 months on the job i have learned that you need to act like it is your own business. The dealership will only feed you so many costomers, you can't depend on that. You have to find your way to bring in your own customers.


Congratulations Sean on a great career choice.  There are a lot of exceptional minds and great success stories on this, and on other sites. Be a big sponge and suck up as much information as you can.  It's easy to get confused by conflicting ideas and methodolgy, but I don't think you can ever 'learn too much' from others.  Get into a disciplined mind set.  Listen to your managers and spend at least 30 minutes each evening planning your next day.  Plan your work, then religiously follow your plan. Don't waste time.  Constantly seek constructive feedback from the leaders around you.  Avoid hanging with 'losers'.  They will only try to bring you down to their level.  And never never never let anyone tell you there is a limit to your success in this business.  I hope to see posts from you on your way to the top.

Jim Boldebook  

Welcome!!!  This is a great place to network and learn more!!

Hi Sean, glad you took the step to get on dE-there are some great people on this site.

  1. Never stop learning. Your enthusiasm will wane at times, being a lifelong student to your profession will keep the fires stoked.
  2. Be experienced, don't judge. Experience can be a great teacher-use each experience-good or bad as building blocks in your career. Many confuse experience and judging. Based on our experiences with customers, we begin to judge the next Up. You never know what you have.
  3. Know the score. Know where you are to know where you are going. Track your Ups, demos, writeups, sales, and deliveries. You are never a victim unless you choose to be. When things get tough-and they will, work harder. Those who press forward receive the prize.
  4. Review your game film. Mentally review each up (like game film) in order to pick up what you couldve done different. Mentally role play your last Up-would you handle it any different.
  5. Be accountable. Don't rationalize your business away. Often we make excuses as to why you didnt have a successful day/month. Hold yourself accountable for your actions. What you do or dont do is manifested in your results.
  6. Focus on the efforts, the results will follow. Even if things dont seem to be working, dont shortcut. You'll get mixed results with mixed actions.
  7. Never take advice from someone you are not willing to trade places. If they can't walk it, don't let them talk it-to you.
  8. Follow up, follow up, follow up. Shoppers or customers,  become unforgetable.
  9. Help other salespeople. The Bible says, "Give and it shall be given..." Help others new to this business-confident, competent salespeople are never worried when new salespeople are hired. They are rungs in the ladder of success. Senior sp are threatened bc they stopped learning.
  10. Care...care for those you work with and for.

     10.5  Never get comfortable...success is rented and the rent is due every month.

Best of luck work my friend :)

This is great! May I borrow this and post it in my office? I just received a promotion and some days I could really use these words to keep me smiling.

Hi Sean,

Great choice to join this group. Tons of valuable insight and information. Best part is being able to interact with the members.

Wish I found it 15 years ago, would have life a little bit easier. I can see you realize the earlier you can learn, the sooner success will follow. Keep your foot on the throttle.

Daryl Fawler

Welcome Sean,

This is a great site. Lot of talented people to learn from.

Hello Sean and welcome.  My name is Bill Alberts and I do not post here often but greatly enjoy the information and challenges that appear here almost daily.  I remember with great joy the first day on the job but even more importantly the first sale.  I remember their name, what event was taking place, where they were from, what they did for a living and the year make model trim and colors of the vehicle they bought.  When I get down, I remember Dick and Pat.  Typical, "just looking" customer who bought a brand new car.  My advice to you is two fold.  Your very best friend will be knowledge.  Your very worst enemy will be, knowledge.  Learn, absorb, practice, enjoy.  Someday in the not to distant future, you will understand that statement about knowledge. When you find yourself getting in a "slump."  Remember it is self imposed and only you can pull yourself out of it.  Just remember your Dick and Pat.  Typical, "just looking" customer who bought a brand new car.  Until then just keep living the joy.

You are in a convocation of eagles (and yes, I had to look it up :) on this site. The advice is spot on. BE A HUNTER. It takes a full year in nearly ANY sales endeavor to build a business base, but you can shortcut it by getting the contact information for EVERYONE you talk to, and call them every few months. 

Biggest tip that most sales people are afraid to perform: ASK EVERYONE FOR A REFERRAL. And i don't mean wait for them to have their third cousin call you. Get permission to contact them directly to introduce yourself. 

Best of luck in your endeavor. And I encourage you from Florida to stay warm!

Hey Sean!

Glad to see you joined the site! As you know I have recently started about 6 months ago. My number one tip is stay creative, do the things that you dislike the most. Whether its calling orphan owners, calling service appointments in advance, or visiting local businesses and spreading the word about YOUR NEW BUSINESS! Above all else, when you get on a roll and outsell everybody in a certain month don't stop working, and don't get comfortable, because as soon as you do you will be left in the dust. It may be discouraging when you don't get immediate results but just remember you are loading that Ferris Wheel, eventually someone has to get off! I am very pleased at your transformation over the past few months and the person you are becoming. I am very proud to call you my personal friend.

Kurtis Rule

#StayMotivated #Boss


Hey Sean,

welcome to the group and the industry! wishig you great success!

Tiki Tsakiris


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