Sales person’s tip of the month

Things to ponder:

Ask yourself is sales my profession and my passion or is it a stop gap until I find something else.




Jesus is not speaking about spare cash, and He’s not merely speaking of money.  He’s speaking about everything of value - whether it’s money in the bank, or our pension or our possessions or our house, our car – whatever we consider our ‘treasure.’

You can use this analogy to describe your dedication to your job.

Do you place as much importance on your job as you do other things? Are outside distractions causing you not to put your heart and soul into your job? It’s March Madness, are you more concerned with your bracket that you are your appointments and your referrals?

Or are you constantly thinking about ways to become better at what you do for a living? Are you constantly thinking and putting into action ways to create more opportunities for sales? If not then you need to start doing so today. I am not saying that you cannot have a hobby in fact you should, but what I am saying is that sales is a not game, it is hard work and you have some very good competition out there. Let me ask you a question, are you the type of sales person that when a customer says; Oh I have already driven the same vehicle at ABC motors” do you just start working numbers? If so you are leaving money on the table. How do you know that the sales person at ABC motors did a true professional product demonstration and test drive. There was a reason the customer is still shopping and it is not always to get the best price, no most of the time it is because no one has given them the information they need to make an informed buying decision. You should ask the customer questions like; So you drove the 2013 Malibu, what did you like best about it? Then you need to build a relationship and say something like, “You know if you did not buy that Malibu then you must not have been shown all the great features and benefits of the Malibu, so please allow me 5 minutes to show some key features about the Malibu that the other sales person must have not shown you because if they had you would already be driving your new Malibu”. I always wonder why a sales person would leave their paycheck up to a sales person at another dealership that probably did not do a proper “Meet & Greet” Fact Finding and qualifying and relationship building a relationship with the customer, then the Walk around and demo ride.

I am not going to go into the entire “Road to the sale” but the point is to be a true professional all the time every time without fail.

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Rise to the occasion, or the occasion will rise over us.

Always been an advocate of showing every vehicle of intereste until it's the absolute one.

They all have a few different features, or at minimum, a few less or more miles, always a will and a way to pursuade that one extra test drive for the exacxt to create the REAL DEAL.

Excellent work here my friend, and I love this: FOR WHERE YOUR TREASURE IS, THERE WILL YOUR HEART BE ALSO.” (MATTHEW 6:19-21)

Thank you for the kind words Bobby, I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you also for mentioning the bible verse, You know Jesus was the ultimate CEO, General Manager.  He took 12  rookie sales people and changed the world.LOL, I know that they were disciples, but in way they were selling a belief system. But if we do not teach our sales force to be sold out for our product and our dealership then they will not be as effective as they could be. It is good that we all can learn from each other in this forum.


I can tell you this much my brother, Ron! I'm living, breathing testimony to the power of our all mighty CEO GOD. I love how you put that. 

I too see a trend in not only our industry, but businesses across the board that really and truly do need these belief systems instilled. Tonality of personality is a reflection of ones mentality. Make no mistake, what one says is of equal importance as to how one says it. Most important is intent behind it.

Keep it coming my friend, I love your energy and enthusiasm.

You're spot on, YES we can all learn from each other right here on dE. 


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