Our industry has an incredible depth and volume of professional trainers working with dealers and manufacturers. Their training ability and knowledge of our industry is second to none.

Our industry has awesome training resources in the way of online training videos, social networks, and conferences to share the latest information with owners, managers and other team members

Manufacturers provide extensive training resources, both internal and external, for their dealers and even have third party companies doing in-store consulting, training and helping to improve performance.

We have DMS, CRM, and Website providers who offer the latest and greatest technology to their dealer clients to make them more efficient and productive.

The Questions:

With all these resources why does our industry not have the best trained sales and management professionals in any retail segment?

Why don’t we have a stellar customer reputation?

Why do we have turnover that is often worse than the fast food industry?





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It's a management issue.  Training purchased, leads purchased, advertising purchased, inventory photos purchased, website purchased, etc.  Everything "purchased" except management of all that was purchased!  "Let me get back to desking or waiting to desk a deal, because I've bought results I'm waiting for."

It's a management issue.


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