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Are you Split Testing Everything?

For those not familiar with the term “Split Testing,” this refers to testing different marketing approaches to determine which strategy will return the biggest ROI. For example, let's say that you’re doing an email campaign, you could split test your subject verbiage. Example: “10 ways to sell more cars” is your split test A and “Who else want’s to sell more cars?” would be your split test B. You send out 500 emails with the A subject line and 500 with the B subject line, and then you…


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Dialing for Dollars: Cold Calling Secrets

I conduct follow up training classes for salespeople that deliver less than 8 units for the month. Out of some 130 salespeople in our organization last month we had 28 that missed the mark. In previous classes I’ve conducted training on various parts of the steps to the sale, overcoming objections, and closing techniques.

This month I decided to drill down to…


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How Would You Close This Deal?

I'm going to give this out in our sales meeting on Saturday. Whoever can close the deal with the highest gross gets the prize. What do you think the best close will look like?


Mr. & Mrs. Jones have a 2009 Infinity M35 with 72,000 that they are looking to trade that is financed with BOA. Their Beacon score is 710. They have very little down payment money to work with and they are trying to keep their payments in the same payment range that they are paying now which is $435…


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The Recipe for a Car Sale

When making the perfect peanut butter chocolate pie (my all time favorite), there are several ingredients that go in to make the perfect tasting pie. When it comes to selling a new or used vehicle, there are also certain ingredients that will facilitate a sale.

With the pie baking analogy not only do you need the right ingredients, but you also need the right pre baking components in order to make the pie like an oven, baking pans, measuring cups etc. When it comes to…


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10 Ingredients of Sales Superstars

"Success leaves clues." I'm not sure where I heard that quote, but in coming up with my top 10 ingredients of sales superstars it certainly resonates with me. First let me define my definition of a sales superstar: Anyone that consistently sells 20+ units a month, and or puts $50,000 in gross on the books; month in month out.

I've compiled my list of 10 ingredients that these sales superstars have in common. Let me know some of your favorites.

  1. Superior attitude &…

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Working Hard Versus Working Smart Defined

We’ve all heard it...”You need to work smart not hard.” I know when I was selling cars that’s what my managers preached to me. I don’t remember if any of them actually defined what that meant or how to execute it in real time though. 

I thought if I worked more hours and took more ups…

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Defining "Work" in Car Sales

I was inspired to write this based on the video that was posted on here, "Long day at the car dealership."



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