I'm going to give this out in our sales meeting on Saturday. Whoever can close the deal with the highest gross gets the prize. What do you think the best close will look like?


Mr. & Mrs. Jones have a 2009 Infinity M35 with 72,000 that they are looking to trade that is financed with BOA. Their Beacon score is 710. They have very little down payment money to work with and they are trying to keep their payments in the same payment range that they are paying now which is $435 per month.

They love the new 2013 Toyota Camry 2.5L. After the Demo drive they want to see if you can work a deal for them as they are ready to do business if the figures are right.

MSRP on the Carmy is $22,235 and the addendum price is $23,735. ACV on the Infinity is $17,500.

The first pencil from the desk looks like this: $23,735 for the Camry (full addendum) and $16,500 (holding 1K on the trade) for the trade. The quoted payment has 3 points of rate and Gap Insurance. Based on the customers pay off and the above stated numbers, the best payment option is $570 at 72 months.  

The customer states that the best they can offer is $1000 down and $450 a month (assume $20 per $1,000 financed). The gross on the deal based on the above numbers is this:

2013 Camry 2.5L                     Trade                                       Back End
Invoice:        $20,345                 ACV:            $17,500       Rate: $1,210
Sale Price:    $23,735                 Trade Value: $16,500        Gap:   $400
Gross:          $3,390                   Gross           $1,000         Gross: $1,610

Total Front and Back Gross Profit = $6,000

Explain how you would close the deal.

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