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Amplify your Automotive Content by Engaging the Community

By the traditional canons of business, some of the things that are going on here on DealerElite might be classified as true madness. It’s no secret that most of us are competitors – we’re selling the same cars and we’re fighting for the same customers, nevertheless we’re really friendly and help each other out constantly.

What’s going on? This is how social networks have changed the way we see things. We’ve come to realise how the Law of Reciprocation and the more ethereal Law of…


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The Best and Most Controversial Car Reviews of 2013

The last year has been very prolific in terms of new car models entering the market. With the global car sales not hitting the predicted level in North America and clearly struggling in Western Europe, the manufacturers have had to think creatively, thus providing motoring journalists with more material than they could possibly devour. The availability of exciting new cars has inundated the cyberspace with both great and controversial car reviews.

From a dealership’s perspective, the…


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How to Use Christmas Promotions to Gain Subscribers and Followers

With the holiday season almost upon us, it might be a bit too late to jump on the Christmas sweepstakes bandwagon but it’s certainly a good moment to rethink your marketing strategy and to plan for the next year.

Usually the goal of a competition is to either build a newsletter list or increase following on Facebook or Twitter. Staging competitions with a view of gaining leads for your dealership is not the best mindset to have. Yes, some of the followers/subscribers may convert…


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How Honda Creates Ads to Bond Emotionally with Customers

Car commercials are unlikely to leave people indifferent. Although when they provoke a reaction, it’s not always the kind of reaction the brands had hoped for. Many car manufacturers mess up and some of them never learn from their mistakes. Honda, on the other hand, very rarely (if ever) make the top lists of worst car adverts. There’s just something endearing in how they’re building their brand awareness. Let’s have a closer look into how Honda achieves success.

Riding One Can be…


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Truck or Treat – Auto Dealers Making the Most of Halloween

There are two kinds of auto dealers on Facebook – ones that have mistaken their Facebook feed for a billboard, and ones that have gotten to grips with the way Facebook works and are churning out one funny update after the other. The build-up to this year’s Halloween festivities has clearly shown who’s doing the right thing and who needs to learn more about social media.…


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Selling More Cars with Extended Warranty

The customers coming to our dealerships are more and more educated. They've read all the possible consumer reports online. That's why they're often wary about certain aspects of the car buying process. Auto warranties is probably one of the most controversial topics since many warranty providers have been caught into various scam allegations.

The biggest dilemma for a dealer is whether to sell the cars "As is," with implied warranty or with a third-party auto warranty.

From a…


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Cars are being Sold via Facebook

Ok, I must start with an apology for a slightly misleading title. Even the most popular car dealerships will struggle to tell you how many clients they'd found on social media. One thing is for sure, though – car manufacturers and dealerships are increasing activity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels and there must be a good reason for them to do so. With more than a billion people using social media actively, the likelihood of you encountering a potential buyer on one of…


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