As a New Auto Salesperson, What is the Best Way to Learn About My Brand?

Every new car Dealership has factory brochures and print materials that explain the various models and option packages of the vehicles they sell.  These are not just for the Customer but also for the Salesperson who wants to learn their product in order to be successful selling it to Customers.  

Studying these brochures is a great way to get the basic knowledge of the vehicles that are sold in your Dealership. The factory website, as well as your own Dealership site, will have tremendous resources online so you can become knowledgeable with what your brand has to offer.  Customer reviews are also good to study to see what most people view as the hot features and benefits of your brand.

Once you gain the basic knowledge of the models, option packages, available colors and specifications of your brands, you should then practice doing a vehicle walk-around of the brands you sell so that you can learn how to effectively present them to your Customers.  Role-play with other Salespeople whenever possible so you can help each other grow in your knowledge and experience. There are many videos on YouTube and other online resources where you can see professional Salespeople perform a vehicle walk-around if you aren't sure how to do one

Start by recognizing what you need to know to be effective when presenting your vehicles to Customers.   Learn to reproduce the best salespeople in your dealership as closely as possible. Once you can perfectly reproduce what others are doing you can Master your own style of brand presentation and inspire your Customer with confidence in your professional knowledge and abilities.

At David Lewis and Associates, we believe that you cannot truly learn how to sell cars without role-playing. 
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Comment by Brian Bennington on October 1, 2015 at 3:29pm

Very informative post, Mr. Lewis, especially if you want to be an "answer man."  However, if you read this in earnest because you really want to sell more, it's kind of a giveaway that you don't understand the basics of selling.  Learning how to sell is vastly more important than learning about what you're selling.  Everyone reading this has seen some new rep hire with very little product knowledge jump to the "top of the board."  That's because they know how to sell, regardless of the product.

Believe me, I'm far from the "sharpest pencil in the box," but my first week in the auto business generated an exceptional paycheck because I'd previously learned how to successfully sell organs and pianos.  The products can vary, but fortunately people are the same.   Personally, I think the vehicle you sell isn't nearly as important as the dealership where you sell.  Once again, it's the people, not the make. (Except, now, with VW in their current situation.)  

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