Auto Dealer University - A Training Platform That Focuses on ENGAGEMENT and Continued ACTIVITY

Some of the most consistent complaints I hear GM's, Managers and Dealer Principals talk about regarding Virtual Training Platforms are as follows:

  • "It's hard to get my team to stay engaged!"
  • "It's boring!"
  • "I don't have time to monitor them to stay on top of training."

We heard you and we have the solutions to these problems!

Too many dealers allow training platforms to stay in their stores KNOWING their teams are not engaging with them and would rather pay the money and not change it because when they do change it they simply do not have the time to monitor the usage and engagement. 

When our dealers use Auto Dealer University we fill in the gaps!

Auto Dealer University speaks to the "Modern Learner" aiming to solve the above headaches that management has experienced with other Training Platforms that have not evolved to the market and their teams. Auto Dealer University Provides: 

  • A Dynamic Platform with 22 Training Specialists.
  • Performance Managers Driving Engagement through Proactive Interaction With Our Users.
  • Reward Based Training Opportunities Incentivizing the User for Completed Courses.
  • Multifaceted Training Sessions - One on One, Interview Setting, Classroom Setting, LIVE Audience Coaching & Training.
  • Daily Takeaway's
  • Much more...

Don't just take my word for it. Let me show you how it works. Contact me today for a demo at 848-248-0730. Visit for more information also. Talk to you soon.

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