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Auto Dealer University - A Training Platform That Focuses on ENGAGEMENT and Continued ACTIVITY

Some of the most consistent complaints I hear GM's, Managers and Dealer Principals talk about regarding Virtual Training Platforms are as follows:

  • "It's hard to get my team to stay engaged!"
  • "It's boring!"
  • "I don't have time to monitor them to stay on top of training."

We heard you and we have the solutions to these problems!

Too many dealers allow training…


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Time to Skill Up!

It's the last week of the month. Create urgency. Utilize incentives and rebates, specific inventory for specials and continue to sell the appointment.

Here are a few tips to remember and say while on the call with customers this week.
  • "Your presence is your power.” This emphasizes the impact of coming in and being in the store to get the most that they can…

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Manager Development Is Everything!

Just because people are at work working, doesn’t mean they love what they do and who they do it for.

There are many people who simply hate there job and can’t wait to quit or get fired and don’t even care because they’re verbally abused, made fun of, ridiculed and made to feel inferior and stupid by their managers.…


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This CRM SUCKS!!!!

“This CRM Sucks!”, is a statement that I’ve heard many sales people and sales managers say many times. Too many times this statement is the fallback statement for someone who just doesn’t know how to use the CRM properly. CRMs only do what we tell them to do. By themselves, standing alone, they will suck. However, when we set them up right, include the proper action plans, business rules, marketing campaigns and follow up processes they are extremely valuable! In…


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Service Customer Retention (SCR) Strategy

-Service Customer Retention (SCR) Strategy

Retention ratios are a very important part of what we do in the car business. When it comes to the Service Department we gauge our SCR (Service Customer Retention) scores on a few key areas. Many Manufacturers say that a customer is retained when they visit your service department 2 times within a 12-month span. In other words, Dealer Service Retention (SCR) measures the percentage of customers returning to the same dealer for…


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The Purpose of the Service BDC

-BDC (Business Development Center)-

This department creates and manages the business opportunities that come in and proactively go out from the dealership.

Business Development can exist in the Sales and Service Opportunities of the dealership. While so much is always emphasized on the Sales BDC side of the dealership world, the Service BDC has been existing quietly in the background of some stores with minimal attention while many other stores have yet to enter…


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Webinar Wednesday - Episode 4 -The Excitement of The Deal

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Webinar Wednesdays Episode 2 - The Importance of Hearing No in a Sale

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Keep Calm & Close The Deal

Last day of the month people! Get everything you can today and make every deal possible! Revisit missed opportunities and close with urgency! Remember that today will always be the best day to make it happen! Finish Strong! Hit your bonus levels! Refuse to quit! Stay positive! Keep asking for the deal! Have a great day! Keep calm & close the deal!!…


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End of the Month Mentality

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The Power of Orange!

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And That Is What An Up Sheet Looks Like!

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End The Month Strong!

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Be Effective in Sales!

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1 Week Left!

From today forward we have 7 total selling days left. Push hard all the way through till the end. Revisit customers that came in and didn't buy. Relook at their trades. Check all other possibilities. What if they were on another vehicle? What about longer term? Used? Certified? New? Lease? One Pay Lease? More Down? Co-Signer? Turn up the heat! T.O everybody. Stay focused. Be happy. 

Internet departments hammer the phones. Bang out 17 calls per hour. Stay on Script. Set…

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