“This CRM Sucks!”, is a statement that I’ve heard many sales people and sales managers say many times. Too many times this statement is the fallback statement for someone who just doesn’t know how to use the CRM properly. CRMs only do what we tell them to do. By themselves, standing alone, they will suck. However, when we set them up right, include the proper action plans, business rules, marketing campaigns and follow up processes they are extremely valuable! In reality, CRMs provide business rules, campaigns, internal maps, email templates, to do’s, action plans, appointment calendars, marketing tools and much more.

Here is the truth about CRMs:

  • CRMs are not perfect.
  • CRMs are a tool.
  • CRMs provide a map and an opportunity for sales teams to manage interaction and connections with prospects and customers.
  • Yes, CRMs have limits.
  • Yes, CRMs have issues.
  • Yes, CRMs don’t work at times.
  • However, a CRM is a cause and effect solution.
  • CRMs are an, (if this happens then that will happen), system.

I’ve discovered through using CRMs and speaking with managers and teams that use them that many times there is a specific language the CRM speaks and we need to know how it speaks and speak to it the way it understands in order to have it accomplish what we want from it.

I speak and understand the English language only. If I‘m speaking in English to someone who doesn’t speak or understand English than my message and conversation will not be understood. It will be frustrating to the one hearing it and the other person’s response to me in another language won’t be understood either. We will have both parties communicating, but the communication and attempts will be with no positive response and reactions. The only thing that it will create is frustration and disappointment from both parties. WHY? Because we’re not speaking to each other in the language the other party understands. Just because I understand what I’m trying to say and I am saying it in the most simple way possible doesn’t help the one who speaks and understands a different language. For me to be effective and to create a proper response to what I’m saying, I must deliver my message in the way it will be understood.

This is also true with our CRMs. Take the Rosetta Stone of your CRM and learn the language it speaks. Don’t be like every other sales rep and sales manager and file the CRM under the “It Sucks” Category when it’s not as bad as you really think! The reason you think it sucks is because it speaks the Spanish language and you’re trying to communicate to it in the German language. It will not respond and will in fact look like it sucks, but it really doesn’t! I’ve found that if I want a specific result to occur in the CRM I call the support team or find that problem in the CRM help area and usually discover the solution and way the path needs to be traveled to get the results I’m looking for. Through speaking to CRM support and taking the time to find answers I’ve allowed my CRM skills to be extremely helpful to stores, managers and sales teams in utilizing the CRM to maximize their daily, weekly and monthly efforts!

Employ Your CRM

I encourage you to take the time to figure out your CRM’s language and learn how to speak it fluently. Maximize both desktop and mobile applications within the CRM and turn your CRM into an employee and not an annoyance for you. Let your CRM be your employee and work for you to help you achieve your goals! This will only work if you’re working it. This will only work if you develop your communication skills towards your CRM. Take the CRM courses again and use your CRM to guide you in your efforts of reaching your goals. The investment in understanding the tools you have will return to you both now and in the long term as you grow your client base and book of business. If you have any questions regarding how to maximize your CRM and would like to set up a CRM analysis please contact me at 848-248-0730 or email me at josephacalajr@gmail.com.  Visit my website at www.josephacala.com. Thank you and have a great day!

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