Just because people are at work working, doesn’t mean they love what they do and who they do it for.

There are many people who simply hate there job and can’t wait to quit or get fired and don’t even care because they’re verbally abused, made fun of, ridiculed and made to feel inferior and stupid by their managers.

“People don’t quit jobs, they quit their bosses.”

People will say it’s the money when it’s really not the major contributing factor to why they leave.

Another Gallup study found that 50 percent of employees left their job "to get away from their manager to improve their overall life at some point in their career.”

As managers it's important to realize that we have a role in influencing people in our company to either ultimately stay and thrive in our company or we can cause people to leave and never want to come back to our company because of how we treat them and make them feel!

As a manager we have a responsibility to our company and the members of our company to do everything possible to maximize the results within our team and direct influence from our team.

The problem I see with many manager sis that they are managers by title but have lost their influence and impact that once burned within them to help, lead and serve their teams! 

Take the time to think about these few questions.

  • Why are you a a manager?
  • What is a manager? 
  • What is management?

To save time I'm going to let you search these out. However, it's time to start changing our roles as just a manager that works for so and so company and to become a coach and cheerleader to our teams and not just a boss or just another manager who fills their position by title and an empty presence every day!

Who needs a coach? EveryoneWho needs a cheerleader? Everyone!

Be both to your team to the best of your ability. Don't fall under the "Toxic Manager" category and make a positive impact to your team today! 

Here Are What Toxic Managers Look Like:

1. Managers who only look after themselves - They are interested in making themselves look great at the expense of other people so they can protect their positions.

2. Managers who steal the spotlight - The team puts the work in and maximize the opportunities to deliver a great result as managed by the manager and the leader of the department and when congratulated the manager focuses on what he or she did and forgets to mention the teams efforts and contributions.

3. Managers who are never wrong - It’s not that we’re trying to be wrong, but every now and then we may be wrong. No big deal. Make it right, learn and grow and move on.

4. Confused managers who don't know the direction they're headed - They have good intentions many times but they constantly change the directions. They change the process and say this month we’re setting appointments for xyz. Next month we’re setting them for abc. They haven’t allowed the process to set and they keep moving it from one way to another to another. (If you were to dig up a tree and move it around your yard once a month it will never have a chance to let its roots grow into the soil and root into the ground and environment it's placed in. The same is true in business. Pick a direction and set it in the ground to root itself in the environment and allow it to grow, It will never grow because it's continually be transplanted)

5. Managers who need to control everything - They micro manage every detail, every word, every conversation and by trying to control it all why do they even need a team since they can do it all by themselves right?

6. Managers who are bullies. This is a very common occurrence in many management systems.

How do you identify a Bully Boss:

  • Verbal abuse - Shout, yell and swear at you when talking to you. Pick fun on you and make jokes that are offensive to you.
  • Humiliation in front of other employees - Belittling opinions and ideas of employees and others.
  • Intimidation tactics - Threats to fire employees, making gestures, facial expressions and body posture to intimidate employees.
  • Questioning employees commitments - If the employee isn’t working past required hours and sacrificing personal time they are questioned on their commitment and made to feel threatened while spending personal time with family and recreation for themselves on their scheduled time off.
  • Undermines employees work - Sets the employee up with unrealistic deadlines and tasks to be accomplished.
  • They isolate you - Not include you in meetings. Set up meetings on your days off and vacation days to make a perceived look about you not being there.
  • Spreads rumors to others - The intention is to ruin the employees reputation at times. Personal habits, dress and hygiene may be talked about from the boss to other employees.

”Only 1 percent of bullies are fired; action is usually taken against the [bully's] target. Your only choice may be to leave as quickly as possible -- especially if the company supports that bully repeatedly and has already exited several of the bully's targets."

7. Managers who are missing in action - They’re in the building but not in the department. They’re on staff but never available for team building time and one on one time.

8. Managers who are narcissists - "If it weren’t for me we would have sunk!" is a statement made by a boss like this. They are legends in their own minds. This is the manager who is in their own mind above everyone else and they have little regard for others feelings.

As a manager it's vital to create a positive and engaging culture and environment for your team to thrive and grow in. I encourage every manager to stay active in Manager Development, communication skills, daily motivation and continuing education on how to extract the greatest impact from each member of your team! Too many times I see sales reps who sell 20 -40 cars a month get promoted to a manager position because of their performance results to sell cars and when they get into the management position it's more than just working the same process for themselves only. They have other members now to develop and help them grow. For some, they are very good leaders and thrive in that role. For others, they fail miserably because they were never developed on how to be a good manager. They know how to make it happen for themselves, but they never have been shown on how to lead a team and drive them to create powerful results and enjoy working for them as a manager and the company overall! 

If you're a manager and you can identify with any of these areas in the "Toxic Managers" section or know of a fellow manager on your team who can identify with something in this article, the change is a simple adjustment with continued daily discipline in order to correct it.

If you have interest in our One Day Manager Development Workshop for your store please contact me at 848-248-0730 or email me at josephacalajr@gmail.com and we'll set you up for a date that works for you and your team. www.josephacala.com.

This Manager Development Workshop will cover key areas that will:

  • Create positive interaction and communication with your team
  • Gain actionable insights into your own talents to help you optimize your strengths as a manager
  • Use your talents to individualize your management approach and develop your employees’ talents to improve their productivity
  • Practice proven techniques for engaging your employees, including leading effective ongoing conversations that enhance team performance
  • Provide daily disciplines to drive growth in your teams performance

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