It's the last week of the month. Create urgency. Utilize incentives and rebates, specific inventory for specials and continue to sell the appointment.
Here are a few tips to remember and say while on the call with customers this week.
  • "Your presence is your power.” This emphasizes the impact of coming in and being in the store to get the most that they can as a customer. Do your best to provide answers and information while leading the customer through the doors of the store. 
  • “We’ll never refuse any reasonable offer.” This helps reassure the customer that we are willing to work with them and that we will do whatever we can to help put a deal together. 
  • “I understand. I’m confident we can help. When is a good time to come in, we have availability this afternoon or this evening?” We are letting them know we understand them and will help them. We then ask for the appointment to bring them in.

These are simple yet effective lines to insert into every conversation.

To set up a strategy call with me to help your team "Skill Up" call my cell at 848-248-0730. Also contact me to demo Auto Dealer University, the most effective Training Platform in the industry.

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