Be a professional specialist and not a “Jack of all Trades”

Be a professional specialist and not a “Jack of all Trades”

   My father was a farmer and contractor and was very good at both. But the one piece of advice that he gave me was when you had something important that you had to hire someone else to do, be sure that you hire a professional their field and not some “Jack of all Trades” because it will cost you less in the long run to hire a professional, someone that knows what they are doing rather than to hire someone that just  thinks they know everything.

     That is why I specialize in dealership management and sales processes and training. I do not claim to be a CRM or BDC guru or a Phone sales training guru and everything else wrapped up in one package. While I am good at each and every facet of the dealership sales process, I focus on what I do best.

     It is good to see fellow consultants that are focusing on one aspect of the business and not try to sell the dealer a bill of goods that they can do it all better than anyone else. If we as consultants begin to specialize in what we do, we can deliver a far more better product to the dealers and our reputations will grow better and not suffer.

   A dealer that I recently had the pleasure of working with said that was the deciding factor in hiring me over some of the more well-known consultant’s trainers out there that I did not claim to be the all-knowing all powerful OZ. I told him upfront what my strengths were and how good I was at the other facets of the processes he was looking to improve.  As it turns out in the past he had hired some of the well-known guru’s and he was much happier with my work than theirs.

   His comment to me was, I knew I needed help, it was just this time, I got what I needed and paid for and not a glorified cheerleader.

Let’s deliver to the dealer what they need and what they pay for and there will be enough business to go around for all of us.

What do you all think out there?

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