I am amazed at how many experts there are in the Automotive industry. Now I am being a tad bit sarcastic here so bare with me.

For the past 25 years of my automotive career I have been to numerous training seminars and they are almost always a repeat of something someone else said decades ago. However I very seldom read articles about building team morale up. This has been the biggest issue of every dealership that I took over. Yes I changed processes and the way a few things were done, but building up the team's morale was the largest contributing factor that has made me so successful at every dealership that I either managed or done consulting for. You can have the most talented team of sales consultants and managers in the world but if their morale is down they will not perform. There is no process or pep talk that is going to change morale you have to do it with heart and passion. But then again you can not teach building morale per say, you have to genuinely love people and want to see them be successful in order to build morale up. The sad fact is that too many so called managers today think that shouting and screaming is the way to manage. Who knows maybe in the next century people will wake up.

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