Welcome back, my friends, to our video series, Quality of Life!

We’ve been discussing Ali’s success, his goals, his strengths, and how having a coach helped him to see more clearly what he needed to do next. You see, in the “magic phone calls,” all we do is talk. I ask questions, and Ali finds the answers he needs within.

Ali is always open to change and grow with his process, so in December of 2018 he found a new mindset. A really, really good one! Ali decided that he and his team would treat every day like the last day of the month. Well, the last day of the year. Obviously, they found some serious gold there!

I invite you to watch this week’s video and consider how this mindset change might shift your own business.

If every single day is the last day of the month, there is no procrastination. There is never a “We’ll just do that later.” The deadline is now, so everything is handled immediately. Ali explains that the culture of the whole dealership changed. It was a contagious and exciting energy - everybody on point with the sense of urgency that the last day gives us.

It brought clarity and focus to Ali, his team, and the whole building. It brought a feeling of greatness that couldn’t be denied. A sense of optimism, urgency, and clarity.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I knew exactly why I was coming in every day.

- Ali Reda

A few questions, for you…

  • Wouldn’t it be incredible if you were to create this kind of focus in your business?
  • How about if this was the energy circulating throughout your own dealership?
  • Would you like to walk into work every day knowing exactly what you’re doing there, and how to get it done?

Is that a yes, I hear?

Okay, so let’s try it. Offer yourself the gift of this mindset change! Treat tomorrow like the last day of the month. Then do it again the next day, and the next.

Want to see the simple 3-Step Selling Process that Ali uses every day? Click here to get your copy of Keep It Simple Selling. Do the work! Your raise becomes effective when you do.

Tomorrow is March 31st. Isn’t that exciting!?! Do you feel an instant sense of urgency? Are you experiencing an immediate surge of energy? Tell us about it in the comments below. We always want to hear from you so we can help get you to your next level.

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