Life Widgets is a must have app for everyone - especially in Automotive!

One thing we often don’t think about is just how many businesses we interact with on a daily basis. Think about it, you order food from restaurants, you get your hair done at salons, travel around using Uber, book airfare & travel, and buy things online. But, to complete these tasks, you have to use several apps and visit multiple websites. And it’s in those moments of having to use multiple apps and websites that we often think “does it have to be this frustrating?” I mean, just the idea of trying to remember your password for that random app you have to use once every few weeks is annoying. Let alone the less than favorable experiences we deal with when trying to use some of these apps. If you haven’t ever closed out the apps on your iOS or Android device, you’d be shocked with just how many apps you have open! And did you ever get a new phone? Ugh, logging back in them all makes me want to toss the phone and go back to a pager….

But what if it didn’t have to be this way anymore? Have you ever thought about being able to use one, yes, one app to complete all of your tasks! That’s why you download Life Widgets. An app that offers an unparalleled user experience, which means less time messing with apps, and more time focusing on what really matters. It’s like having a personal assistant without the expense – it’s that good.

So, what is Life Widgets, exactly?

Life Widgets is an app that gives you access to all of the top and well-known businesses you use on a regular basis through a single interface. It’s the only app you’ll ever need. You can easily browse multiple apps as well as perform web searches using this app.

You’ll be able to save your profile, credit card information and preferences after you start using Life Widgets. Regardless of the business you contact or the product or service you purchase, this will assist you in everything from making payments to vendors to finding a new car. Life Widgets can also be used to keep track of all the communications you have with the various businesses you deal with! For example, with Life Widgets, you can simply arrange an appointment at a salon, book an Uber, order dine-in, find the hottest bar or venue – literally anything!

So what services are available with Life Widgets?

Here are some of the most popular services that Life Widgets can provide. You can see how Life Widgets can assist you in meeting all of your day-to-day needs! 

– Look for an apartment to rent.

– Find a restaurant and reserve a table.

– Use the smartphone app to order beverages from a bar.

– Schedule a visit to a spa or salon.

– Purchase or sell a car

– Have your car serviced.

– Take an Uber/Lyft/taxi.

– Make reservations for hotels or purchase plane tickets.

– Money transfer.

And that’s just some of them! Many are in development, and I didn’t even mention the social aspect yet! Have you downloaded Life Widgets? What are you waiting for! Log in, set up your profile, set up your dealership and be one of the first to start realizing revenue from it!

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Comment by Joe Webb on June 15, 2021 at 12:55pm

I have it on my phone and look forward to when more people are using it.

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