Overcoming the "Your Product Sucks" Objection

Those of us who have been around the retail automobile industry will sooner or later find a customer that says your product, store or staff sucks. This usually happens when a salesperson is working the service area and runs into that customer. You know the one who can't wait to unload all his problems on you.
Oddly enough, this person is as good of a prospect as anyone else. Usually they have a need for better transportation. They are in your store and best of all they are in front of you.

So how do we turn this around?

First be patient. Wait for it... After a few seconds of allowing the customer to vent, step in and kindly ask "May I ask you a question". After the customer says yes. Ask Mr. Grumpy this.

"Mr. Customer, If you were the President of ABC Automotive and your company created a product that was not up to customer expectations. The product was not what it should have been, what would you have done"?

When he gives you some version of "I would have fixed it". You jump in and say "That's exactly what we did. Let me share with you why so many customers are very proud of our company and product today."

This will get you their attention. Be up beat and proud of your company. Beside if you are not, you shouldn't be working there.

Variation: Customer complains about a previous bad experience.

"Mr. Customer if you were the Dealer and you became aware that a customer of yours had a bad experience like the one you explained to me, what would you have done."

They will respond with some version of "I would have fired them" or "fixed it".

Whatever they say, is always the right answer for them and you simply respond. "That's exactly what we did. Here is why you are going to love us now...."!

I hope this help, now go close a deal!

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Comment by Marsh Buice on December 20, 2011 at 10:26pm
Chris, most customers want to be heard..u are right, let them speak, let them vent..to be understood u must first understand, their frustrations, fears, and their desired outcome.

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