Secrets for formatting instant messages on Skype

Skype has become the go-to standard for most video conversations, but their IM tool is very effective for one-on-one chat conversations, as well as for groups and work teams. A huge advantage of the platform is that it is available on virtually every device and operating system, including Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. This makes it an ideal tool for instant communication, and it’s actually pretty powerful.

You can send photos and files, as well as video messages. In addition, there is a built-in translator for more than 50 languages. You can edit or even DELETE messages after they are sent, which can be a gift. What is less obvious is how to use formatting for emphasis. Skype uses their own formatting code and don’t have buttons we are all used to. So here is a quick list of skype formatting tips:

BOLD: put *asterisks* around the area to bold. I use this in group messages to grab the attention of a specific team member

Italics: Use an _underscore_ on either side of the text you want to italicize

Strikethrough: Use the ~tilde~ squiggly line on either side of the text. Look for this key on the top left of most keyboards

Monospace: If you’re into the plain text look, use the word {code} with the brackets on either side of the text you want to format to look like programming code.

I hope this helps. For more information, check out the Skype’s support page on instant messaging.


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Comment by steven chessin on January 11, 2017 at 3:13pm

Yes - I am sure Skype is functional -- but I always prefer (when possible) to use an automotive optimized solution -- and there are a couple of good ones becoming available that are going to really separate the leading pack from the also-rans. I can't wait .... it has been too long waiting for this !!  

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