Recently I started consulting for an automotive group.  A few of their stores were in serious trouble with warranty claims that were aging and an outstanding accounts receivable that just seemed to keep growing.  They had a wonderful person performing the claims input.  She was a very nice person.  Always on time.  Never took a longer lunch break than was allowed.  They told me that she never once called in sick the entire time of her employment.  Matter of fact, she didn't even join in water cooler conversation.  She just stayed at her desk and worked the best that she could, during the time she was supposed to work.  A very pleasant person she was.  But there was something that didn't work for me...she was not producing results.  Now, I was not the executioner here - I knew coming into this job that her time was severely limited.  After spending one day with her, I chose not to come back for follow up until her replacement was there (three days later.) 


My point - sometimes the best intentions in a business are counter productive to an expected result.  You must look past what a person is and review what they provide for the business...unless you are the Salvation Army.


Thank you for reading my post - I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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Comment by Christopher Akin on December 29, 2011 at 9:00pm



Thank you very much for your response!  I had knowledge of the issues surrounding this store prior to entering...I was able to see what the upper management was talking about the first day - and after reading your comment, I am sure you would have too.

You brought up some very interesting did she arrive at this point?  Was management to blame for oversight, or lack of training? 

The answers to those questions/statements are going to be follow up for this particular blog post - I have seen so many areas of opportunity with this fixed operations department...and in short - absolutely, management had a very major role in the productivity or lack thereof of this individual.


Thanks again, Jason!



Comment by Jason McIntosh "Jmac" on December 29, 2011 at 12:24pm

I would say there is some truth to that.. But looking at it objectively would be to examine both sides. Not having the full story makes it difficult to offer a COMPLETE assessment.. Which you may have the full story after the first visit. If that is the case, then I am in COMPLETE agreement.

But not knowing the full story I would only have to assume she is not a direct reflection in management, or has been giving the proper training, or been held accountable, or taken measure to improve...

or how she arrived there in the first place? References checked? Experience confirmed?

It is hard enough to find people who are never late, don't join in water cooler conversation, responsible, etc.

If they don't produce yes it is counterproductive... But let us examine where it failed so the replacement does not make the same mistake or how do we know that they won't? Because they told us.. While I'm pretty sure the one that has been replaced did as well...

I am all about results... and not practicing the definiton of insanity! But I've also seen the insanity of hiring around the problem only to have them resurface even in other areas...

There is not a perfect person on the planet but some pretty kick ass performers! Even the tightest of ships may have a few small leaks...

The one day you spent could have possibly been enough for me as well to agree... or it could of just as easily gone the other way...

I wish you the best on your quest for improvement for others and think it a wise decision of yours to seek feedback from your piers...

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