Let’s talk about the processes, the Playbook’s and All the ABC’s to closing, they all include how to identify and adjust to the natural tendencies of the three main personality profiles within in us all.  In today’s market exclusive let’s stop relying on our dominate traits. Focus more on understanding of what makes our customers tick, utilizing the self barometer technique, mastering the 12 foot rule and the genuine smile. Building confidence from consistent practice and performance, allows us to make this identification naturally and habitually. When, not if, it is a way of life to identify adjusts, smile and communicate in a like minded fashion with others the rapport becomes cement instead of just a sandy foundation.  The more we learn, the more the barrier is dropped, the more prepared we are, it shows we utilize today’s reveres TO, which empowers us to make presentation and demonstration one seamless step.


Now this takes skill. We must lead rather than being led. We must intuitively prepare our presentations to be tailored around our customers profile, stimulus factors, and needs. Notice I put needs last, most people do. There has to be something in it for the decision maker. People purchasing out of concession will never be happy. It is one thing to exemplifying the safety features with your elbows, punching the headlamps, or purposely hitting the fold –a-way mirrors and standing with the driver’s door to my back when talking to the customers during the presentation. Turn their attention to maximum mileage not just average. Touch the tires at the right time during the pit stop, so we have a valid just reason for getting out of the vehicle and changing drivers. Intuitively watch for body language and actively listen to your customers. This creates an experience unlike any they ever expected. Forget the nonsense expression “it is what it is” in this world guys it is all about perception. “It is what they think it is”. “We are what we think we are”, and more importantly “we are what the customers think we are”.


When I refer to the pit stop area far too many people give up the lead from the beginning by allowing their drivers to sit in the driver’s seat. Notice I made reference to standing in front and purposely blocking hem from that seat. This is how as we make our way around the vehicle we may even want someone of my stature 6’3” 210lbs to jump in the trunk, as I call it. What I am referring to folks is the lost art of entertainment. Captivating, presenting, and selling.


As we make our way around to the passenger’s side it is essential that by this point, with the appropriate climate control etc, we demonstrate those interior features and help our customers reach their comfort zone. **HUGE PSYCOLOGICAL SELLING POINT: Always have seats at the midway point. Remember getting in a vehicle people intuitively want to adjust the seat into their comfort zone. Again as mentioned someone like myself will instantly try to move the seat back. That same vehicle that I cannot adjust the seat I will tell my subconscious that it is too small. It could have been just a slight obstacle rather than a lasting subconscious impression by me adjusting the seat myself. This holds true when we get out at the pit stop. Remember to move the seat the wheel anything that the customer can adjust themselves. The pit stop is our stopping area. Obviously we explain, when we pull off of the property, we are simply pulling off to the demonstration area. Remember with the reverse TO, confirmation based appointment system etc; we already have a driver’s license on file allowing us to take presentation to demonstration seamlessly.


In my decades of experience I have never had one customer complain or freak out about the actual driving part of the demonstration on the vehicle. Those with the greatest fear of putting the vehicle in drive and pulling off to the demonstration area are the salespeople. Set up as many right hand turns only (remember do not have left hand turns raise anxiety levels) keep them comfortable. When you get to the pit stop don’t just say do you want to drive it now? That is an open ended question that quite frankly can lead to a sustained objection. I am tired of hearing people talk about objections, because once they are sustained there is no overcoming them there is nothing left to say.


It’s an obstacle course guys. Run a hundred obstacle courses a thousand times and you can’t be stopped. Professionals practice it until they can’t get it wrong, where amateurs stop when they get it right the first time. So I save my touch the tires technique for now. As I mentioned I want to have you touch that tire. So they are not afraid to touch it themselves touch it first and ask them to touch it just once when, not if, they do share with them with tremendous influx in our tonality the reason that you wanted them to touch that is because it is the last time that they will have to touch it for ___ amount of years with “OUR” roadside assistance program. Remember when we say it we own it. That goes for truth and lending statements, crumple zones to 24 hour roadside assistance. It is all in the presentation and selling the sizzle, not the steak. Words such as imagine get all three personality types. Can you imagine not having to worry about anyone driving this vehicle having to change a tire on the side of the road with 18 wheelers whizzing by? The peace of mind knowing that those elbows are there to protect you along with the safety restraints, the air bags and all of the other safety features we discussed


Stand back from the vehicle while there are not another hundred standing around. Allow them to imagine their vehicle. Way too many sales consultants try to get people to picture the vehicle in their driveway, which only one third of the people’s personalities actually process.

Once you have made your way to the passenger’s seat or back seat, depending on how many guests you are demonstrating the vehicle to, be quick to validate eye movement, how well it handles sharp turns, how well it handles to breaking and to their reaction to the first time they saw the rear camera. It is imperative that we validate the unspoken thought process not just the obvious great question or nice choice.

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Comment by Katie Colihan on June 17, 2012 at 11:26pm

Stand back from the vehicle while there are not another hundred standing around. >>

This got a big head nod from me. It's the little things like this; not swarming over the client like a hungry bee that can make all of the difference. 

Well said!

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